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As an introvert, this social distancing thing is kind of a walk in the part but if you’re an extrovert or an ambivert things might be a bit frustrating. As time passes those who thrive in social settings are getting pretty stir-crazy. 

For those who might not be aware extroverts are people who thrive off social interactions. They tend to spend a lot of time out and about which right now isn’t possible. They don’t want or need much time alone and are usually very much active. Ambiverts are like that to an extent but also tend to spend time on their own and don’t mind being home. As an introvert, I am not very social and spend most of my time with very few people as is. 

Sure, I still like to go out here and there but it’s not something I cannot do without and ‘self-quarantining’ is basically living life as I normally would. If you’re an extrovert or an ambivert and you’re having a hard time. I have some tips that may help you get through without feeling as if you’re going crazy. While not all of these tips will work for everyone they might help some of you. 

5 Tips That Will Help You Survive ‘Social Distancing’:

1. Work on self-care.

While you’re busy and working hard to be social chances are you’re letting some things fall through the cracks. Now is your chance to catch up on taking care of yourself. Relax a bit and really enjoy your chance to rest.

2. Dive into your hobbies.

Figure out what you love the most and have your fun. If you like to draw or other things of the sort get at it. Let your passions run wild.

3. Don’t forget the importance of video chatting.

In this day and age, we are more connected than ever. You can still video chat with your friends if you’re feeling lonely. I know it’s not the same but it’s pretty close to being right there beside one another.

4. Listen to a podcast or a book.

If you’re tired of watching TV and already seen everything on Netflix, listen to a podcast or a book. You might not be the kind who likes to read but listening to a book is much different. You’d be surprised how these things draw you in.

5. Organize your home.

When you’re at your most bored state get cleaning and organizing. Take the time to rearrange and get things how you want them. Now is your chance to really get things done.