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When we know we are at risk of getting dirty, we wear clothing and shoes to prevent ourselves from getting dirt, grime, and germs on us. Likewise, when we are around someone who is sick, we take precautionary measures to protect ourselves from their sickness. But, how often do you protect your energy field from becoming corroded with filthy vibes and negative attachments?

And while our energetic health is often neglected, it is perhaps the most important aspect of our overall health, as our energy vertices, or chakras control the well-being of our physical body as well. Quantum physics has proven that we are all composed entirely of energy, and so too is the rest of our known universe. Think about it: when you go around someone who seems dark, toxic, angry and negative – do you feel differently while in their presence, and afterward?

With that being said, it isn’t difficult to protect your energy field from others. Try these 7 ways to shield yourself from negative energy.

1. Use tourmaline, hematite, or smoky quartz to protect your energetic body.

I highly suggest this and believe it to be the most powerful way to shield your energetic field. You can order reputable stones through renowned crystal shops, or you can visit one in person. Almost all black stones work as powerful shielding tools, and if you want my *insider tip, try this: order some small crystal shards in a bundle, usually you can get a pack with around 8-10 different kinds, and while they are technically beads, I use them just for their energetic benefits. You can put them in pouches to make medicine bags, place them around your home, or put them in a tiny jar pendant. The sky is the limit.

2. Be aware of your surroundings and yourself.

Make it a point to connect to your higher self daily, so when you enter unknown territory, you will be able to channel that energy to assess what you are surrounding yourself with. If you sense bad vibes, do not sabotage your energetic health. Instead – choose to walk away.

3. Practice mindfulness.

I cannot emphasize this enough – mindfulness opens so many doors. Oftentimes, we get lost in our thoughts and allow them to block out our intuition, which can lead us into sketchy situations. As often as you can, if you notice yourself getting lost in thought, try the 5-5-5 technique to pull you back into the present moment: look around and name 5 things you can see, 5 things you can hear, and 5 things you can touch.

4. Use sage.

I sage my home, my car, my body and everything I own pretty often, and even more so when I have been around people and have a bad feeling. As a bonus, sage also cleanses germs from the air. You’re welcome!

5. Use an egg cleanse.

Seriously, this is an amazing and simple technique that works wonders. Grab an egg from the fridge, a tea light candle, some protective oil if you have it, some salt, water, and sage. Light the candle and sage. Sprinkle salt in the water and place in a bowl. Use the sage to cleanse the egg and say a prayer or chant to have the egg fully cleansed and to charge it to work as a magnet against negative energies.

Now, use the egg beginning at the crown of your head, and roll it from the top of your head, over your facial features, down your neck, from your chest to the fingertips of one arm and back up and over the next one. Continue down the sternum, and then down to your toes and even your heels. While you do this, imagine the egg pulling these energetic entities and stray energy particles from your body and into itself. When you finish, crack the egg into the water. Use the video below to read the egg, because it will form quite strangely depending on what energies you have picked up over time.

6. Avoid entertaining negative thoughts/talk.

No one is all love and light all the time. I have been practicing spirituality intensely for years, and I can be one of the world’s worst at times to think or say something that isn’t necessarily healthy for my overall self. And honestly, sometimes venting can be good. But, entertaining your negative thoughts and allowing them to progress will only hinder you.

7. Protect yourself with an energetic bubble.

To amp up the protection, sit down in a sacred space to you after saying it and creating a ring of salt to sit in the middle of. Imagine the elemental energies of the universe and call on them in this order: North, East, South & West and ask them to protect you. As you call on them, imagine each one sending a quarter of a glowing sphere of light. The goal is to build a sphere large enough to protect you. As it builds, visualize it growing. When you are done, truly meditate on its protective energy and imagine how it will work.