Right now the energies in our world are very off. Instead of looking to the positive side of things, everyone is freaking out and thus putting more negative energies out into the world.

If you’re an empath, I am sure you’re feeling very much out of it right now as these energies ramp up. As empaths right now we need to be sure to ground ourselves as best we can and try hard to counter the energies we’re absorbing. While it might feel like everything is falling apart, the more grounded you are the better you will feel in time.

Now, for those who do not know, empaths are people who are sensitive to the emotions and energies of others. They take them on as their own and are constantly absorbing them. If you as an empath are stuck at home self-isolating with other members of your household, do your best to keep your energies as high as possible. While the people around you the most might be negative themselves, recharging is crucial right now and could be part of what helps you get through.

I know, this virus is running rampant in many places and life is changing rapidly but that does not mean you should allow this to get the best of you. Setting proper energetic boundaries right now is something you should make sure to do. Whether you’re stuck at home or still having to go to work, you need to remember how demanding the world around you can be. 

Keep your favorite protective stones on you and use your mind’s eye to create a proper barrier for yourself. Empathy overload is a very real possibility for you right now and avoiding that at all costs is essential. You can work each day for a short period to try and help heal the world around you through meditation but do not over-do it.

When you notice too much coming in you need to remember to clear things properly. The more you allow before you the less you’re going to be able to process. Collectively as empaths we are really holding a lot on our shoulders right now. 

If you are not already, remember to go outside and get some sunlight as often as possible. While this virus has many of us stuck in self-isolation that doesn’t mean you can’t open a window and let things shine on you as you see fit. Put your feet into the Earth itself if you can and really soak up all the positivity.

I know this pandemic is a very trying time for all of us and that things are going to get worse before they get better but you need to do your best to take care of yourself. While usually, you wouldn’t think of yourself, now is a period where you really need to. For more information on how to protect yourself energetically as an empath, check out the video below.

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