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We all would like to believe that toxic people are easy to spot. However, things are not always as they appear, and toxic people are not an exception to this rule.

And in many cases, a toxic person will most likely not seem like a bad person. On the surface, they will seem like a regular person or even an exceedingly good one. But if you look deeper, you will likely see what is hidden beneath their mask.

More often than not, we look for the best in people. We want to believe all people are like us, and that they do not intend to harm us. However, that simply isn’t the case. And if you are already getting bad vibes from someone in your life, you may want to look at the signs of a toxic person.

Here are 9 types of toxic people and the ways to spot them.

1. The victim.

Upon meeting ‘the victim,’ they may seem like someone who has just had a bad run. Perhaps they have had many bad relationships, and many bad friends as well. You will likely feel sorry for them, and good reason: it does truly appear that they have horrible luck with people, situations, and experiences. BUT- the big sign here is that if someone believes that EVERY single person in their life is victimizing them, it is likely they are telling others that you are victimizing them as well. The major red flag here is if you notice them doing harmful things to others in response to what they see as victimization.

Regardless, when someone believes they are a victim of every circumstance, that is likely a sign of a toxic personality.

2. The drama magnet.

There are just some people that seem to always be involved in drama, it’s almost as though they thrive on it. The kicker? I guarantee you that every drama magnet uses the line, “I hate drama!” And while on the surface they may believe that little lie they tell themselves, subconsciously they love the drama. And if you meet someone, and they are always in the middle of the drama, or subtly starting it, they are likely pretty toxic.

3. The attention whore.

Attention whores dominate the conversation, and never let anyone else get a word in edge-wise. They will tell you all about themselves, without being asked, but will never ask anything about you. If the attention in the room is ever taken, you can guarantee they will do whatever it takes to get it back. Attention whores interrupt and don’t listen. And they don’t like competition, either.

4. The liar.

Dealing with a liar is exhausting. They are easy to spot though if you are observant. Oftentimes, they will tell little white lies or take credit for things they haven’t done. And in many cases, their lies can become pretty extravagant. But, if you notice someone lying all the time, this is a major red flag, because if they will lie about stupid things, they likely would lie or deceive in other areas of life as well.

5. The holier than thou’.

A holier than thou personality will believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. You cannot have an opinion different than theirs, and they believe their own opinions to be fact. These people are incredibly arrogant and believe themselves to be the smartest in the room.

6. The envious.

Jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone, and while everyone experiences jealousy from time to time, the envious are always jealous of everyone. You can spot someone with this mentality because they will always be pointing out what others have and criticizing it. They may make snide remarks about the person they are jealous of, and act entitled, “Why can’t I have that life? I deserve it!”

7. The judge.

People who judge other people all the time are no fun to be around, and can down-right be toxic. We all tend to judge others- but making a full-time habit out of it can become extremely toxic. And if you have a friend or acquaintance that is always pointing out other people’s flaws and correcting them, they are too judgemental for their good.

8. The psychic vampire.

Psychic vampires are exhausting. They are never able to see the positive and will point out the negative in everything. And no matter how good of a mood you are in when your conversation starts, they will drag you down every time. No one can stay in a good mood in the presence of a psychic vampire, and honestly, it’s best to keep them at arm’s length.

9. The control freak.

Control freaks want to control everything and everyone. If you are around them, they likely chose where you are hanging out and what you do while you are there. They can’t stand for other people to think or believe differently than them, and if you do, they will nag you and tear you down until you align with them and their beliefs.

If you have a toxic friend in your life that is like any of the above and you have a sneaking feeling that they are doing more harm than good to you, try to distance yourself from them. While it’s optimal to steer clear of these types of people, that isn’t always possible. Use your best judgment and trust your instincts.