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Right now a lot of people are wearing face masks of all different kinds in order to protect themselves and others during this pandemic. However, for those of us who wear glasses things are a bit frustrating as if we don’t do things a certain way, we end up with foggy glasses. 

For people who wear glasses face masks prove to be quite the issue. When your glasses fog over it’s hard to see and quite irritating. That having been said when it comes to preventing this fog there are tons of tips online, some work and some don’t. 

If you want to keep your warm breath from leaving you struggling to see, perhaps you should give the ones most people have been seeing good results from a go. In my opinion, one of the best options is to buy a spray that reduces the fog on your glasses. While that might not sound too effective, it actually can be. A simple Amazon search will show you just how many different kinds there are of this product and if you click here you can see a list of the best and ones. 

Now, if that isn’t an option for you or you are unable to get your hands on a spray that works you could also add some tissue inside of your mask. This tissue needs to be folded into a rectangle and connected to the part of your mask closest to your nose. It should stay on your bridge and should work well in absorbing some of the moisture that your hot breath would be letting slip upwards. I know, this one doesn’t sound like much but it does work for many of us within reason. 

There has also been a study done in the past that was published in Annals that found washing your lenses with soapy water could also be quite beneficial in fighting off the fog. This study titled ‘A simple method to prevent spectacle lenses misting up on wearing a face mask’ basically notes that washing your ‘spectacles’ in soapy water and then shaking off the excess before allowing things to air dry will prevent misting or fogging on some level. 

If you’re struggling to keep your mask on because of the condensation from your breath these things could really come in clutch. While as noted above there are likely a lot of other tips and tricks out there these are my top three and I know these work well for me and for the other glasses wearers that are close to me. Have you ever tried these things before and if not will you be giving any of them a try in the months to come? To see some of these things done and more please check out the video below.