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Lemon is a staple in many homes, most of us buy them, and most of us use them. I know that I myself purchase a large sack multiple times a month.

I mean, what is not to like!? Lemon adds such a fresh and bright flavor to pretty much anything. Soups and stews, proteins, drinks, side dishes! I make a killer lemon and rosemary potato dish, but I digress. I know that lemons are easy to come by, but what if I told you that it was so easy to grow lemons in the comfort of your own home using a simple cup!

Lemon Tree

What You Need:

A Lemon

Potting soil

Compost or plant feed.

A small cup or container


What To Do:

The first thing that you need to do is remove the seeds from a lemon. Organic lemon seeds do sprout the best, but you do what feels best for you!

Place the soil in a large container.

Fill a cup or container with one inch remaining at the top of the rim of the vessel. Moisten the dirt with water, but not too much! If you use too much water, allow the excess to drain out from the bottom of the pot through its drain hole.

Plant the seed while it is moist.

A dry seed doesn’t germinate as well as a moist one. Make sure the soil remains moist even after the seed gets placed in the dirt. The pointy end of the lemon seed should be placed downward.

Put the lemon seed in the middle of the cup.

Place around ½ inch of dirt over the seed. Pat the earth above the seed to seal the soil. Gently spray a light spray of water over the topsoil. Do not overwater!

Cover it tightly.

Once the lemon gets placed in the soil and patted snugly, cover the top of the plant pot with transparent plastic film. Seal the edges of the wrap. Take a toothpick or other sharp-pointed tool and poke small holes in the transparent cover.

Place the cup in a warm, sunny spot.

If the soil dries out, remove the plastic wrap and gently spray additional water to keep the top of the plant’s soil moist. Remain careful with the water, do not use too much! The plastic wrap over the pot should keep the humidity high over the growing seed and keep the soil moist.

The seed will sprout in around 2 weeks.

When the plant sprouts you can remove the plastic wrap. Keep watering the soil to keep it damp, but not too damp. The seedling needs at least 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. Use an organic fertilizer to keep the plant fed.


It is important to place your growing tree outdoors for a period of time during the day. This will increase your likelihood of a fruit bearing tree.