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Right now hand sanitizer is hard to find and something many people want to find. If where you are is in short supply, perhaps making your own would be a good idea.

While it might not be exactly the same as your basic Germ-X, homemade sanitizers work fine and are not too expensive to make. Most people make their hand sanitizers using aloe vera but if you can’t find aloe vera you can instead use something called vegetable glycerin.

I recently came across a video on YouTube of user Happy Wok making some vegetable glycerin sanitizer and this user actually even said in their description that this kind of sanitizer seems to somehow be more moisturizing than the ones they have made with Aloe Vera in the past. Now, in order to make this sanitizer, you will need a pump bottle or some kind of squeeze tube to put things in but usually, those are easy to find or can be found around the house. Below I am going to go over how to make this specific kind of sanitizer and if you need a visual reference you can check out the video below.

How To Make Hand Sanitizer:

Things Needed:

99 % Isopropyl Alcohol

Vegetable Glycerin


Measuring Cup


Add about 1/4th of a cup of glycerin into the measuring cup or into a bowl.

Now, add in 1 cup of alcohol and mix the product well.

Once you’ve mixed it pour it into the bottle and place your lid on top. While this mixture is more liquid than most sanitizers it will do the job just fine. In times like these, we have to be a bit creative and this is definitely exactly that.

Now, if this mixture is not something you’re into there are tons more you can try out for yourself online. I will add some of these different methods below so that you can check them out. These videos are full of interesting means of making sanitizer.