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We all want to feel loved but not all of us go about ‘love’ in the same way. Some of us express ourselves differently and there is nothing wrong with that.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and the things that they need when it comes to love. The people who care about them the most need to make sure they do these things so that they feel important and nurtured. While catering to the needs of someone else is never easy, knowing what your partner needs in the first place makes it a lot more simple.


You need to be able to break down from time to time. While you usually have yourself together sometimes you get overwhelmed. When it comes to love you need someone who is willing to show you that they will work just as hard as you will. Someone who will put forth all the efforts you are. You need to be able to express yourself and be in control of things all at the same time.


You need someone that can put up with your stubbornness and not become overwhelmed. You are someone that never misses a thing and because of that, you get caught up in a lot of different things life puts before you. When it comes to love a person really needs to make you feel as if you are the only person they have eyes for. If you think they are straying, you will not stick around for long.


You need someone you can talk to. If you can’t talk to your partner then you won’t waste your time. You are someone that craves a real connection and in love, if you can’t really mix things up, you aren’t going to be with someone for long. You have to have that feeling and will do anything to get it.


You need someone who can cater to your emotional needs. You come with a lot of emotional baggage and sometimes that is a deal breaker for people. While it might get you down, you just have to carry on. There is someone out there for you.


You need someone who will compliment you and make sure you feel as amazing as you are. You can’t be with a Debbie downer or a negative Nancy. You have to have someone by your side that lifts you up.


You need someone in your life that you don’t mind losing to. You are a very hyper-critical person but when it comes to those you care about you figure out how to bite your tongue. You need to be on the same page and as long as that is possible, you will feel very loved.


You need someone in your life that makes you feel cared for. Someone that goes out of their way to ask about your day. The small things make the biggest difference for you.


You need someone that is going to really make you feel wanted. As a Scorpio, you need to feel like someone wants you around and that you are needed. Being with someone who needs you is more fulfilling than anything else.


You need someone that is going to be willing to spend all day in bed or play around on days when you’re down in the dumps. You need someone in your life that can pick you up when you cannot pick yourself up. You tend to get caught up in the dark side of things and having someone by your side through that brings forth a lot of light.


You need someone in your life that will ask you about your dreams. You are all about growth and when someone is willing to grow with you it makes a huge difference in your life. You feel very loved when someone takes a serious interest in their future with you.


You need someone on in your life that is going to be willing to kiss you in front of the whole world. You love to be swept off of your feet and PDA is one of the best ways to do that. While it might sound silly, it really makes you feel catered to.


You need someone that pays attention to the things that matter to you. You are a very creative person that always has something going on. While it might be hard to keep up if they can, they will be in your life forever.