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While not everyone ‘needs’ a trip wire alarm system, they can come in handy. Whether you’re just trying to secure things during an emergency or something else, making your own trip wire system is easier than you’d expect.

Online there are many different ‘how to’ videos in regards but to me, the one we’re going over right now is easily one of the best because of how truly simple it is. This specific ‘how-to’ video comes from the YouTube channel ‘MrGear.’ For those who do not know this specific channel has around 11 Million subscribers and has been around since around 2015.

When making this trip wire the people in this video used simple things like clothespins, AA batteries, hot glue, thumbtacks, and so forth. While a few wires are needed and you will, of course, need some kind of fishing line or twine, making this trip wire is a lot more simple than you might expect it ever to be. Sure, you do need to be careful when making it but overall it’s nowhere near as complex as some can be. 

That being said, if this one is too much for you, MrGear also has a video on YouTube making a trip wire out of mouse traps as well. The most complex part about this whole trip wire creation is the use of a soldering iron which you may or may not have access to depending on the situation. However, if you’re looking to add some trip wires to your home or even just while out camping, this might be the way to go. 

To see this trip wire being made and in use take a peek at the video below. Isn’t it amazing how creative some people can be? Would you ever consider making anything like this? Well, if you do give it a go, please be careful in doing so.