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If you want to find someone to be in love with and really settle down, loving yourself is crucial. How do you expect other people to truly love you if ‘you’ don’t even love you?

Learning how to love yourself is easily one of the most important things you will ever do in your life on this planet. It is complex and not something everyone seems to be capable of. It requires a lot of work but, can really change your life.

Below I am going to go over some steps that it takes to begin loving yourself and while some of them might sound silly, they are all important. Doing these things will help you get to know yourself better and teach you how to love who you are as a person. Sure, you might not be perfect and you might have your flaws but at the end of the day you are still fantastic and deserving of the love you seek.

Step #1 Accept that you have flaws and own them properly.

We all have flaws and well, while it might be hard to grasp the grass really isn’t always greener on the other side. You are not perfect and there is nothing wrong with that in itself. You cannot change who you are, accept your flaws, and learn to like them.

Step #2 Take the time to get to know yourself.

Ask yourself questions and really get to know yourself. Learn the things you like and the things you don’t like. I know, this one seems like something you should already be well aware of but not everyone is on the same page, sadly.

Step #3 Let go of your mistakes and your past as a whole.

We all make mistakes, and we all have things in our past that we would like to change. That being said, those are not things we can do anything about. You cannot change what has already been done.

Step #4 Be willing to spend time alone.

Spending time alone is important. We all need to reflect properly and well, that’s not something we can usually do in the company of others. If you cannot be comfortable on your own, you really need to work through some things you’ve been hiding within.

Step #5 Be willing to say ‘no’ to others.

Saying ‘no’ is important. There is no point in saying yes when you don’t want to. It only puts more on your plate and leaves you struggling to get things done. Know your own limits.

Step #6 Start being more present in the moment.

We should all be present in the moment before us. I know, it’s not always easy but it will help you to find yourself as time passes. You never know when your life may end and so, you should be appreciating everything as it is right now before you.

Step #7 Be willing to feel your emotions properly.

If you don’t feel your emotions, you’re not going to be able to grow properly. Stop bottling things up and allow yourself to feel. If you keep hiding things inside, you’re only going to end up feeling worse in the long-run.