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People have looked to the zodiac for centuries to give them insights into a myriad of things. From our love lives to our health and even onto our life’s destiny, the zodiac has plenty of secrets to share.

When we first begin dating someone, there’s no surprise that we each have different kissing styles. Some of us like to kiss roughly, while others prefer slow, sensual kisses. Thankfully, if you are trying to win someone’s affection, it isn’t as hard as you believe. Here are the kissing styles to win over each sign of the zodiac.


As the most passionate and likely one of the most driven signs of the zodiac, Aries doesn’t like to play around. If you are trying to win over an Aries, then you are going to need to match that intensity. Kiss an Aries with passion and fury, and you will win them over.


Taurus is an Earth sign, and one of the Earth signs that prefer experiences. They are sensual by nature, and because of that, they prefer softer, more sensual kisses.


Geminis like to be blown away, so if you kiss a Gemini, it’s helpful to throw them a curveball. Use your hands, grab their face, and kiss them as you mean it. For bonus points, whisper sensual words in between those passionate kisses.


As emotionally driven creatures, Cancer signs don’t too much care for crazy kisses. Instead, they want romance and love. They want slow, deep and meaningful kisses. Think of the most romantic kiss you’ve ever seen and match that.


Leos loves to be the star of attention, so if you want to sweep them off their feet, let them take the reigns. Then, throughout the kiss, tell them how amazing their kisses are.


Virgos can be somewhat of a perfectionist in their daily life, so you should most definitely ensure that you pop a mint before kissing one. During kissing, be slow and gentle and slowly build to passion.


As a sign that is often thought of as the diplomat of the zodiac, they are drawn towards fairness. To sweep them off of their feet, kiss them with equal amounts sensual and passionate. But also, don’t let them do all the work. Make sure you let them take the reigns an equal amount of times as you do.


Scorpio is one of the most intense signs. If you want to win one over, you need to do so with sensual passion. And if you allow them to take the lead, they will show you exactly what they want.


Sagittarius is an adventurous sign, and so are their kisses. They like to try new things, swap up techniques, and they like to get into it. Make sure you use plenty of variety in your kissing, and you will win them over.


To win over a Capricorn, you need to pull out all the stops. They need the right environment, they want to be dressed to the 9s, and they want you to woo them. Don’t be afraid to take them on a romantic date under the stars to ensure the perfect atmosphere, and then kiss them slowly, not too passionately or messy.


When kissing an Aquarius, be sure to not start too emotionally. They want primal kisses that are sensual. Turn off your brain and let your body take the lead.


Pisces is a very emotionally driven sign. They need a lot of softness and sweetness, and not so much passion. They want to feel a romantic connection and sparks. If you want to woo them, kiss them to ignite their soul.