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Reflexology is something that for some reason most people are not aware of, but can help people of all ages. If your baby is crying and fussing, you might need to play with their feet to really settle things down.

Reflexology is basically a form of acupressure in which points on the feet are activated through touch. Each point belongs to a specific body part/organ and can help correct issues in those areas. While this won’t cure diseases or make any existing illnesses go away, it will help calm you and those you help with it.

As you will see in the chart below, there are tons of different points that can be activated with little pressure. If your baby is fussy from what could be a sinus issue, the toes need your attention, but if he or she is crying because of an upset stomach perhaps the side of the arch might be best. Getting to know your children and understanding what other signs are present should help you determine where on their feet to focus.

In regards to ‘how to’ address most issue Dr. Oz wrote as follows:

What to do: The easiest way to do this is with a dryer, golf or any small, hard ball you have at home. Press down on the ball along the inner edge of the middle part of the foot. This relaxes stomach and improves circulation in this area. Stimulating the middle of the foot opens the energy pathways to the organs related to digestion, like the stomach, colon and intestines. This helps blood flow and circulation to these organs and can help alleviate digestive issues.

Head Pain
Many people get headaches due to neck tension. Increasing circulation to your neck can effectively relieve a headache.

Reflexology points: The big toes of the right and left foot, which are connected to the head and neck areas.

Some of the biggest issues babies face are teeth and ear-related from teething and other things of the sort. For those refer back to the chart above and any other things that may arise. There are at least 20 points you should be aware of in regards to your children and their health and teaching them about reflexology from a young age can really work wonders in their lives overall.

For more on reflexology and how to use it to your advantage please feel free to check out the video below. While it might sound strange, this kind of thing is very important. What points do you feel matter the most?