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For those who might not be aware, Reiki is something that has been around for years and years. It is a form of healing art that can help increase your life force energy.

Now, while you do not have to have any kinds of special tools to practice Reiki, crystals really do make a difference for many. Crystals really work to magnify the healing brought forth in many cases. If you’re experiencing physical setbacks or things of the sort it could be because the flow of your life force is disrupted. In order to get things back on track practicing Reiki will do the trick.

When it comes to which stones you use if opting to do so you should choose the ones that call out most to you. While the traditional chakra stones are going to benefit you a more personalized set will be even better. Everyone responds better when things are more personalized. Because we are the source of our own healing we are able to enhance that healing through means like these.

ReikiClasses says as follows in regards to laying the stones:

After your stones have been cleansed and energized with Reiki, they will be ready to place on the client. The following layout is a safe and effective method and is intended specifically to strengthen one’s etheric field and provide deep relaxation.

This layout is adapted from one that I learned through the Crystal Academy. I have been guided to modify it with additional stones and Reiki energy. Stones to be used are: hematite, clear quartz, pyrite, and Herkimer.

Hematite is a form of iron oxide, which geologists believe to be very similar to the iron core of the earth. It is a powerful, grounding, and reflective stone. Wearing hematite enables us to emanate a powerful healing light to those around us and into our environment. The reflective attributes of this stone help us repel energies and negative thoughts that may be directed toward us from others, or even from our inner shadows.

During a crystal energy session, an energetic border can be constructed with hematite to help the practitioner and the client maintain a strong inner light. This layout helps strengthen both the practitioner and the client’s inner light with the help of clear quartz. The hematite border reflects the light back to the practitioner and client. Quartz combined with Reiki and hematite in this layout also helps build ones inner light that provides protection from being negatively affected by empathic thoughts or feelings.

Pyrite is another stone that amplifies high-frequency light and neutralizes denser energies. It can oxygenate blood and enhance brain functions. Working with pyrite with the upper chakras in conjunction with quartz and Herkimer diamond assists in receiving the light of Divine Will and infusing it into the energy field and chakras, ultimately anchoring it into every cell of the body.

Herkimer is an amplification stone. It enhances spiritual vision. Herkimer is known as the “attunement stone.” In this particular layout, one is attuning to the light of Divine will. Herkimers can also help us access dimensional doorways to deep healing.

You can do this on others or yourself. From this point, breathwork becomes very important. Be mindful of the breaths you’re taking in and those also coming out. Laying out the crystals according to the chakras you wish for them to influence and scanning your aura to find any blockages will allow you to remove them. All scanning must be done within when carrying out the procedure on yourself. Using your mind’s eye, envision the blockages just dissolving away and the flow of your life force beginning to build back up properly.

The more you do this the better you will become at it. For more information please check out the video below. Reiki might be able to do a lot more for you than you’d think. This could bring forth that mental balance that you have really been lacking.