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When you are a highly-sensitive person, or someone who feels all emotions to the extreme, negative emotions can be extremely overwhelming. However, there are a handful of helpful tips that will better enable you to move through these emotions, instead of fighting against them.

For those of us that are considered to be HSP, our minds are quite a bit more active, especially the parts that process our emotions. In turn, we may become overwhelmed at the slightest of pitfalls, making it difficult to deal with day-to-day problems and process the more intense aspects in life. Included in those, are emotions that are considered to be negative.

I like to think of this as an emotional snowball, starting out small, and slowly building until it is too much, with little notice that this is taking place. On top of that, similar to how a snowball builds, this is a quick process that oftentimes catches us by surprise. And while it may sound like I am exaggerating, to those who aren’t HSP’s, this is simply a part of mine and everyone who falls under this category’s life.

In the book entitled ‘The Highly Sensitive Person,’ Elaine Aron explains, “most of us are deeply affected by other people’s moods and emotions”. And she wasn’t lying. Our habit of not only picking up on, but actually taking on the emotions of others only adds to the daily frustrations we already have.

So how do we protect ourselves and work against the negative effects of the snowball?

Actually it’s much simpler than you think. Try these 4 techniques:

Seek out a place to calm yourself.

When you are overwhelmed, try to find a place of solace. You need somewhere to quiet your thoughts, and stop the snowball that is away from the influence of others.

Focus on the positive aspects of your day.

This one is easier said than done, but I promise you- it can be done. I keep a journal in my bad with me at all times, and when I need to, I will jot down three positive takeaways from the day.

Pump yourself back up.

Listen to happy music, dance around, read a book, do something, really anything that will boost your mood, as long as it doesn’t have the possibility of making things worse.

And most of all- know that this moment is fleeting like the rest.

We get through every bad moment that passes, and onto the next. While this moment may be negative, intense, or overwhelming, this too shall pass