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For those who do not know our aura is something that stems from our life force and it radiated all around our being as a whole. Our aura surrounds our physical body and it’s basically a spiritual energy field.

The aura is something that has many layers and comes in many colors. Its health depends on our spiritual progress and how we are moving forth in this world. If we are being negative and toxic it will likely be dark and weak but if we are being kind and progressive overall our auras will thrive well.

As time passes our auras change colors and become more powerful depending on how we are progressing in this world on our spiritual paths. The less negativity we are allowing to affect our aura by others the brighter our own will become. I know, this might sound a bit confusing but it will all make sense in time.

Now, our auras are important, and when they are weak or damaged that can and will affect how we feel. Below I am going to go over some of the issues that people tend to sometimes have in relation to their auras and what those issues mean. When these things happen, our auras are weak or damaged and that is not a good thing by any means. 

8 Common Issues We Have With Our Auras: 

1. Struggling to properly connect with the Divine.

If you are struggling to reach a proper connection with the divine you’re going to have issues with your aura. Only through really getting to know yourself and working on your spiritual journey can you work through this one. While that in itself is confusing, I know, it’s something you must figure out on your own.

2. Refusing to cut cords than needs to be cut.

If you’re refusing to cut cords with people who are no longer in your life or who are always bringing you down, you’re only hurting yourself further. Your aura is affected by these cords and those people could be draining you without you even realizing it. While it might be upsetting cutting those cords is important. For more on this look into etheric cord-cutting.

3. Allowing others to crack or damage your aura.

The more you take from others and allow them to use you the more they’re going to damage your aura overall. Toxic people do not deserve to be in our lives, and we need to learn that early on to avoid more pain. These people don’t care if they hurt you and you shouldn’t be allowing them around.

4. Facing spiritual attacks you’re seemingly unaware of.

Sometimes we face spiritual attacks without even being aware of it. For this, you need to really consider all options before diving into how to clear their energies away. If you’re unable to resolve your issues with any of the others on this list then perhaps you should dive down this rabbit hole.

5. Refusing to deal with blocked chakras and address specific traumas.

Block chakras prevent the flow of energy and until we clear them things will not be as they should be. We as energetic beings need things to flow. Address the things you’ve faced in your life and grow from the traumas you’ve experienced if you really want to move forth properly.

6. Unknowingly absorbing other people’s aural energies.

It might not be something you do on purpose but if you’re absorbing the energies of others you could be taking in some pretty toxic stuff. Really sit with yourself and try to figure out what energies belong to you and what energies do not. This might prove to be easier said than done but it will help.

7. Not being aware enough to clear the energies trapped in your aura that do not belong to you.

If you’re not aware of the energies note above you’re not going to clear them. The more aware you become the more you can do. After you become aware clearing these energies is much easier. Once you realize it’s not yours, let it go and push it out.

8. Being unaware of how important protecting your aura is and leaving it unaided.

We all need to work to protect our auras. Grounding yourself is something you should be doing daily and if you’re not you should start. This can and will make a huge difference moving forward.