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Gaining access to new states of consciousness can be a bit overwhelming, however, it is totally worth it. This is something that brings about a much more intense sense of profoundness and really allows us to achieve more than we could ever hope for.

There are quite a few different altered states of consciousness and some are far better than the others. That being said, they are all important. When it comes to altering your state of consciousness I find meditation and breathing techniques do the trick quite well.

Meditation is the act of extended thought. It is a very revealing process that can bring you to where you need to be spiritually and mentally in general. Meditation for me has been the most intense and amazing way to really alter my state of consciousness and become a better version of myself in my daily life.

How to Alter Your State of Consciousness:

Merely position yourself in a way that is comfortable to you and close your eyes. While most tend to sit half-lotus, you do not have to. Just be sure that you are breathing without restriction and all should be fine. Remove any and all distractions beforehand and really focus still with your eyes closed on maintaining a steady breathing rhythm.

Allow yourself to shift mindsets. Breathing should be in this moment your sole purpose for existing. Now shift your focus from breathing and open your mind’s eye. While your physical eyes are still closed you can see a place visibly. It is almost as if you are dreaming.

Allow yourself to walk through this environment freely and do not focus on any one thing. Merely take in your surroundings and allow the world through your mind’s eye to manifest in the ways that it chooses to do so. Once you become completely serene you have reached one of the altered states of consciousness that I mentioned above. Sit still and take in this state. Once you have allowed it to become a part of who you allow your inner being to slowly make its way back into your body.

Once you have done this open your eyes and notice how this altered state is still with you. Take advantage of this and get to work on something meaningful. You can do this once or twice a week to maintain this altered state. I for one find it to be one of the most relaxing parts of my week and I really enjoy it. I meditate on a milder level every day but look forward to this each and every time.

Do you meditate often? I believe that even those who are not spiritually inclined can attain a lot through meditation. It is a wonderful way to remove stress from your life and really let loose. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I strongly suggest that you do so.

Image via Science Mag