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Foot detoxes have become increasingly popular, promising to rid the body of dangerous toxins found in the air, in our food, and in our environments. But why are these detoxes so powerful, and how do we properly conduct one in order to reap the benefits?

Advocates of the treatment claim that they can draw heavy metals and bacteria from the body, and improve the health in a number of ways. Benefits of this treatment include:

-Balancing the body’s pH
-Reducing swelling
-Boosting mood
-Relieving stress
-Increasing immunity to illness
-Aiding weight loss
-Improving heart health

But, spa treatments are quite expensive, and honestly, the best cleanses can be done from the home. Not to mention, that many of the devices used in spas are currently surrounded by controversy over whether the promises made actually hold up or not to the science they are backed by. And if you were looking for something that is not only less expensive, but also proven to be beneficial, check out these at home alternatives to going to your local spa.

1. Epsom salt foot soak

Simply soak the feet in Epsom salt by dropping the salts in a foot bath that contains warm water. Soak for 20-30 minutes. This soak is best for feet that do not have open wounds. Epsom provides various benefits, including: reduction of inflammation, promote healing, eliminate pain from gout, remove odor, and even treat certain fungus.

2. Bentonite clay foot mask

3tbs bentonite clay
3tbs apple cider vinegar
3 drops of tea tree oil
3 drops of lavender oil

Mix ingredients adding more vinegar or clay to thicken or thin the mixture as needed. Apply to feet and allow drying. Wash after 30 mins and then dry feet. This mask is beneficial for strange odors, and issues caused by fungus. It also has cleansing properties for infection.