While a lot of people love using lemons for cooking and other things of the sort, they can come in handy in some of the most unexpected ways. If you’re feeling an overwhelming heavy energy within your home, lemons can be used to find it and from there remove it.

If you are a very energetically sensitive person you know how serious it can be when your home becomes compromised. While smudging and doing other things can help get rid of negative of heavy energies, cleansing the air around you and figuring out where they’re stemming from the most will truly aid you when it comes to where needs to most attention. Below I am going to go over how to use lemons to find negativity or dirty energies within the house. These could be coming from a specific piece of furniture, a person, or even merely hanging around stagnant as a result of changes within the home.

How To Use Lemons To Detect Negative Energies:

Step #1

Go get some lemons. How many you need depends on how big your house is and where you feel is being affected the most. If you think there is a lot of negativity in your home you might want more than one lemon in the rooms you’re targeting so if you need a whole bag don’t hesitate to go for it.

Step #2

Come home and take the lemons one by one. Walk around your house and place them where you feel there is a lot of negative energies. Before placing one really take in the location and address the energies before you.

Step #3 

When placing the lemons make sure you’re keeping up with how many and where they are. You can put them on shelves, in closets, and even under your pillow if you so choose. I like to keep one on my nightstand at the very least when it comes to my room. 

Step #4

From here the lemons will need to sit for about 1 and a half weeks. Check them each day and take note of any molding you find. The lemons that become moldy are the ones in rooms or areas that need more cleansing than the rest. These areas/rooms hold more negative energies and are going to need you to cleanse them deeper. 

Step #5

Keep in mind as this carries on the lemons are absorbing some of that negative energy and so will need to be properly disposed of. Outside of your home off to itself once the week and a half is up you will need to properly dispose of these lemons. Before doing so carry a smudging stick through your home (all windows open) and collect the lemons. Remember to place a lot of emphasis on the areas with moldy lemons. 

Step #6

Now, actually disposing of these lemons is interesting. What you’re going to do is dig a hole in the ground big enough for all of them or several smaller holes (that is up to you). Bury the lemons within this hole/these holes and ask mother nature to absorb all they have left to offer and to transform these negative energies into something beautiful. 

Once you have done this you are all done and can continue forth as you normally would. You will most likely notice a much lighter and cleaner energy within your home once all is said and done. I for one think this should be done once every couple of months.

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