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We all struggle with loving ourselves at least sometimes. Whether you are someone that tries to pay attention to self-care or not there is no denying that sometimes no matter what we try we end up lacking.

During times of struggle, especially when you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease, it may seem difficult to love yourself. Things like this turn the whole world upside down and leave us all feeling hopeless. Sadly, instead of finding the ability to love ourselves, those who have been diagnosed with a terrifying disease turn to the stages of grief.

When it comes to working on bringing that love back and building ourselves up it isn’t going to be easy. These things might not be enough to make it all better but they will help you to remember to love yourself and care for your being. These are things that we tend to forget to do when tensions rise and whether you want them to or not in situations like mentioned above tensions will rise.

10 Ways To Show Yourself Love When Facing A Horrifying Diagnosis:

1. Talk about it.

Don’t be the kind of person to pretend everything is alright. The people you care the most about deserve to know what is going on. Talking about it brings more healing than you might assume.

2. Trust your support system.

Trust the people who care the most about you. You do not have to hold the weight of this burden on your own. You can rely on them for more than you think.

3. Give yourself a break.

If you need a break, take one. Do not try to overdo yourself. While you can still most likely do the things you did before there is no shame in stopping to breathe for a moment.

4. Change your diet.

Change your diet by eating healthier and more healing foods. The things we put into our bodies make a difference in how we feel. While you might not notice a change overnight you will see it as time goes by.

5. Do things that make you happy.

Go have fun while you can. Sure, you shouldn’t be marking everything off of your bucket list just yet but there is never a bad time to go out and enjoy yourself. If you want to do something new don’t hesitate.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Things like this are never easy and they happen to some of the most unexpected people. Just because it seems like the end of the world doesn’t mean that it is.

7. Let go of anger.

Don’t be angry at yourself or others. Sometimes shit happens and we don’t understand why. You can make it through whatever life has put in your way.

8. Help others as best you can.

Helping others when we are at our lowest can be beneficial to our overall well-being. Helping other people is something that many find to be very fulfilling. Don’t just sit there wasting away get out into the world and make a difference.

9. Be as in the moment as possible.

Don’t obsess over the past or the future. Make the most of the moments before you. Each one is more precious than the last.

10. Stay positive even when it’s hard.

Be a positive person. When you’re feeling down think about the good side of things. Don’t focus on the negative.

Image via Breast Cancer Wellness Page