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While it might not always seem like it, your guardian angels are all around you. They never leave your side and are always cheering you on.

We hear often that our guardian angels send us messages in lots of different ways, but we too can send them messages of our own. If you’re feeling a bit detached or distant, you can always reach out to your angels and try to speak with them in your own ways. I for one love to do this from time to time.

Below I am going to go over the best means I have come across for really speaking with those who are watching over us. While we might not be able to hear them speak back, they do make the fact that they got our messages known in small ways. Once you reach out, sit back and wait for a response. You might be surprised by how quickly you find yourself facing one.

Magic Letters and Speaking Freely

To me, the best ways to reach out to your guardian angels is through speaking freely during meditation and writing things out properly. Whether you want to speak or write is up to you but that aside both of these things are quite freeing. If you opt to speak out during meditation, let your words flow on their own.

While my personal preference is through writing, not everyone grasps this concept entirely. When speaking to your angels through writing you need to get everything out on paper and bury that paper in the ground. This representing the bond you have with your angels and thus further reaffirming that they will receive your message.

When you are truly tuned into your angels and working to speak to them, you will notice synchronicities coming quite often. This is your angel’s way of responding to you and letting you know that he or she has heard your thoughts and is on the same page as you. The more you speak with your angel and the more you two work to understand one another, the further you will find yourself getting in life.

Do you ever try to reach out to your guardians or is this something you’re only now worrying about? I for one think that at some point in all of our lives, we find ourselves reaching in this direction. Are you ready to share things with those who watch over you?