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Sending a dream might not be something you’ve ever considered doing but it is something you are more than capable of. Dream magic is something that many people overlook.

While mastering dream magic is no walk in the park, working with it and at it will benefit you greatly. While getting started might seem simple, but there is a lot more to it than words can explain. A lot of what occurs in this kind of situation is energetic and thus holds no true definition.

When it comes to first getting into dream magic, sending a dream will help you advance. Because our dreams hold so much meaning messages can be sent from one mind to another through the world of sleep. Dreams are carriers of information far more than most of us are willing to perceive.

Below I am going to go over how to work within to send a dream. While these steps might not come across as complicated, carrying them out is quite challenging. Don’t give up. If you fail the first few times, keep trying. The more you work at this the more skilled you will become.

How To Send A Dream:

Step 1: Choose a target and get permission.

Figure out who you want to send a dream to and ask them if it is alright for you to do so. Make sure it is someone who would be open to the idea and someone who would keep a dream journal as well. If the person you first ask says no, pick someone else.

Never try and send a dream to someone without their permission when you are still learning. You never know what mistakes you might make and you don’t want to mess something up. Making sure they are aware makes them more open to you and allows you to better gain access.

Step #2: Choose the dream you intend to send.

Once all of that is in order figure out what kind of dream you’re going to try and send. What kind of dream is it you’re wanting this person to have and what message will be behind it? How are you going to make this all come together?

Step 3: Set your alarm for the witching hour and go to sleep.

Once you have your alarm set on the night in which you intend to send this dream (you are free to send it night after night also until it manifests) go to sleep. When you wake from your alarm turn it off. Do not get out of bed and try to move as little as possible. Really allow yourself to maintain that groggy sleepy state that you are in.

From here turn your focus to your mind’s eye. Relax and lie on your back. With your worldly eyes closed and your third eye open through a white light or even by visualizing yourself leaving your body and traveling to that of the target. Once you are face to face with your target he or she will be sleeping peacefully. Touch this person’s third eye with your energy or your astral finger.

Now that the contact has been made send the dream. Think it through and allow it to play out all the while still remaining in contact. Once this has been completed make your way back to your own body and from there, close things out with a short meditation. Ask the person whether they were able to have the dream when you see them but do not reveal anything they should know.