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If you’ve got a stuffy nose and can’t quite figure out how to clear it, there are a few different things you can do to resolve the issue. While this might not work for everyone, it works wonders for a lot of us. 

We tend to get stuffy noses for a lot of different reasons and these few techniques when used together can clear things up quite well. Whenever I get a stuffy nose be it from allergies or something else entirely I try these techniques a few times and usually they help tremendously. I know, some of them might look silly in action but the benefits they offer are well worth it. 

To begin with, you need to do the ‘tongue tap trick.’ This as you can see in the video below does seem a bit odd at first but overall is quite simple. It involves holding your tongue to the top of your mouth and pressing on a specific place between your eyes. 

From there you will also need to do the ‘hold your breath’ method and while that in itself can be a bit uncomfortable I have found that using it with the tongue tap method works wonders. If you’re prone to colds and sniffles in general, being aware of these tips can really make a difference in how you feel as time passes, especially considering that allergy season is almost here. 

These tips come from prevention magazine and are about as simple as it gets. These work because they clear your sinuses out and allow proper airflow from there. They are so simple that you can basically do them anywhere and that for me and likely a lot of you comes in handy. 

To see these methods in action take a look at the video below. They are very much my ‘go-to’ things when my nose is stuffed up and I’m struggling to clear my sinuses. Unless I’m dealing with a bad bug, they normally do the trick in under a minute. Will you be giving these tips a try the next time your nose is stuffy?