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The 11/11 portal or energetic shift is almost here and with that people are beginning to feel quite out of place. If you are energy sensitive chances are you have been out of whack for quite some time now as a result of all of this.

While this portal opening/energy shifting celestial event might not seem like much to everyone, those who are affected on a deeper level than most are going to be gaining so much. This time-period will be powerful and offer each of us a renewed sense of creativity. For anyone who might be confused this shift/opening occurs on the 11th of November and holds the power of the number 11 itself but doubled. 

With this, we will all be capable of expressing ourselves more and working on really finding the truest parts of our being. Sure, it might not be ideal for everyone but that doesn’t mean we won’t be growing from it. If you’ve been ready for a change this portal is about to really kick things into gear. If you want to make the most of the energies before you perhaps working on the following things will do just that in your life.

6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Year’s 11/11 Portal:

1. Listen to your intuition.

Your intuition knows what is best for you and where you need to move forth during this time period. Sure, it might not always be what you want in life but it is always what you need in regards to movements and challenges. Let your intuition really take the forefront during this time, be willing to open your heart and your ears to truly listen.

2. Be there for the people in your life.

Do not close yourself off from the people around you. Be there for the people who care about you the most. The people who truly want to be a part of your life are going to be by your side when you are truly struggling and the sooner you realize that the quicker you can begin also working to help them in life as well.

3. Let go of the past and your old self.

You cannot properly move forward if you’re stuck in the past and obsessing over who you once were. Embrace the future and let go of the past. This opening is going to offer you lots of opportunities that you if stuck in your ways will not be willing to take.

4. Do not forget your affirmations.

Remind yourself where you’re headed and who you are. Do not lose sight of your truth or the world around you. Affirmations might seem silly to some but to those who use them, they are a lifeline in many ways.

5. Stop being so negative, embrace positivity.

While you have been down and out for a while now this opening and shift overall is going to bring forth a lot of positivity. Do not let these energies simply pass you by. Embrace them to the fullest extent, period.

6. Talk about your dreams more.

Discuss your dreams with those who matter in your life. Work on making moves to get where you want to be and chase things properly. If you aren’t being active in this world you’re not going to be able to use these energies in the ways that you need to.