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We are finally back on solid ground astrologically for our love life, as Venus is in Pisces – leaving us sensitive to the emotions of others, and tuning us into the frequency of love. Now is the time to find a new partner, or to make the amends necessary to move forward with your chosen partner.

Venus and Pisces are the perfect pairing of energies to heal your love life. So how does it affect your sign?

1. Aries

While Venus makes its transit through Pisces affects many signs with loving energy, and you are typically quite intense, you may feel a bit obsessed with the notion of love. Don’t get too caught up and lose sight of yourself – instead, balance this energy with your career goals and other aspirations.

2. Taurus

If you are single, try going out with friends this month, and have some fun. You are probably feeling quite social so even if you don’t find your soulmate, try to share that loving vibe with your buds. If you have a relationship, shake things up by going on an adventure. This energy will bring excitement and an opportunity to grow closer to them.

3. Gemini

You are feeling a bit talkative and wanting to communicate your feelings to others right now. Use that to enable the help of the matchmakers in your life if you are single. Because the opportunity to find a match is huge right now. If you are in a relationship, you should expect to feel more connected to your partner than ever.

4. Cancer

Single Cancer signs will have more luck opening themselves up to people who have more mental substance and are cultured. Try visiting a museum or event nearby. In relationships, Cancer signs will be learning about how they can be more generous with their time when it comes to their partner. Opt to go on a date with your special someone, rather than attending social events.

5. Leo

Single Leos should try to find someone who isn’t looking for a fling. Right now is the time to pull in someone who wants a deep connection and to plan for the future with serious energy. Relationship Leos should find opportunities to make peace within their relationships.

6. Virgo

In the past, people who were too focused on the more spiritual aspects of life didn’t interest you, but now you may feel drawn to them. Now is a really good time to find someone who is compatible with you like a Pisces. In relationships, you may be feeling a heightened awareness of your partner in the physical sense. However, this will cause your romantic life to flourish.

7. Libra

You may be surprised to find that if you are single, there have been a lot of opportunities to expand your love life right under your nose. In a relationship, you will find a sense of harmony that you have been waiting for.

8. Scorpio

If you are single the desire to mingle is strong. You may be more attracted to people who are dreamy thinkers and have an almost poetic sense about themselves. If you have been holding back in your current relationship, a lot of things will come to the surface.

9. Sagittarius

Single Sagittarius signs may see someone from their past come around, and while in the past, you may have ignored them, this time you are more open to reconnecting. In relationships, it’s time to make alone time, and to talk to your partner on a deep level.

10. Capricorn

Single Capricorns will be more talkative this month, and because of this, they will be meeting new people, who offer them the opportunity to meet someone that is more their speed. Capricorns in relationships will feel more free with speaking their emotions this month, meaning that a lot of withheld thoughts may come to the surface.

11. Aquarius

Usually, the single Aquarius is a commitment phone. But this month you all be searching for a relationship, or feeling the need to. Start out as friends with someone new and compatible and see how it goes. For the coupled up Aquarius, you may need to explore together by going somewhere new and see where that energy takes your relationship.

12. Pisces

You are feeling very sensitive to the energy around, and feeling a bit lonely. Find someone who is on your level emotionally and connect. Try seeking out Virgo who is definitely feeling similar emotions this month. In a relationship, you may feel like you are back to the beginning, but take advantage of pf a new beginning.

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