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The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it needs to speak to us. While you might not see the signs at first, as time passes they will become quite apparent depending on what is before you.

Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to tell you something? You just couldn’t quite make out what you were being told? Perhaps the universe really was trying to get something through to you. The universe is always speaking to us, above all else, you have to pay attention if you want to see things for what they truly are.

Sometimes the universe presents us with recurring experiences, these are signs. These repeats don’t happen for no reason, they are happening because you need to learn something from them. Perhaps you see specific numbers each day or you come to a decisions time and time again, this is a sign that the universe is bringing you to something.

The universe will bring us to challenges, stop us from doing things, speak to us through our inner voice, and in some cases even send us messages within our dreams. If something feels a bit otherworldly, it probably is. We are all part of the limitless universe and it is constantly working to guide us towards the places, people, and experiences we need to get to and through. By listening to the signs that the universe is putting before us we can verify whether or not we are on the right paths in this life.

The universe sends us signs for a wide range of reasons. It might be trying to warn us of something or even remind us that we are doing well. Communication with the universe itself is a lot less complicated than we make it out to be if we ask the universe to reveal something and actually listen to what it says we will find the answers we have been seeking. Even the most negative situations could be happening to bring us towards something positive.

Whenever we need to shift our perspectives the universe will make sure we do so. Sometimes it is important for us to go through things we might not want to go through in order to get where the universe wants us to be. Once you slow down, you will begin to see things in ways most others could never imagine.

Image via Hacker Noon