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While most people don’t realize it, the circumstances in which we were born has a major effect on who we are as a person.

The season you were born in can have a dramatic effect on how your biological clock functions and even reveal things about your personality that otherwise might be very different. Throughout the years, there have actually been several studies proving this kind of thing through.

One study even found that if you were born in fall you were less likely to suffer from depression. Things like this are quite interesting and to some very shocking. A lot of things affect a baby while it is in the womb so there is no denying that the weather itself plays into things as well. After we are born we are impacted strongly by the world around us.

A study from back in 2003 actually showed that babies born in the summer were smaller than those born at other times. Below I am going to go over each season and what we have learned about those born within those seasons throughout the years. While not all of these things will be easy to accept they all have substance behind them.


Babies born in spring and summer tend to have a lot in common but do still have their differences. Those born in spring tend to go through rapid swings of sad and happy. They usually score quite high on the hyperthymia scale and are generally quite optimistic. They are more susceptible to depression and are also at a higher risk of developing heart issues as they continue on.


Babies born in the summer seem to really have it better than most. They don’t usually come down with SAD and are according to some, are quite optimistic. However, we should note that moderate to severe nearsightedness is highest for babies born in the summer months and they can be pretty moody.


Babies born in fall are said to have an almost ten percent higher risk when it comes to having food allergies. They are much calmer people overall and seem to be much more balanced overall. They are less likely to develop bipolar disorder and as mentioned above experience lower levels of depression than most. That being said, they are also quite irritable.


One study that was published back in 2014 found that people born in winter were significantly less prone to be irritable in regards to their temperaments. They sadly though also have higher levels of schizophrenia, SAD, depression, and so forth. However, on the bright side, people born in the coldest of the winter months are also noted as most creative.

I guess at the end of all of this you shouldn’t be too worried about what your birth season says about you but it is interesting to learn why we are the way we are and what risks we might be more dispositioned for. We all carry our own traits and sometimes those who are born in each season turn out completely the opposite of what this might say, exceptions can and will always be present.

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