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In case you didn’t know, the full moon in Scorpio took place on the 29th and 30th. While it may pretty much be over, we will continue to feel its effects for the next two weeks.

Full moon energy doesn’t just zap into our lives and right out after. It sticks around and holds influence over our lives for a little while. You will be feeling the energies before you for at the very least a week or two. With this full moon being in Scorpio and occuring under the power of Beltane itself the energies will be bringing a very strong positively charged energy forth.

There is a lot going on in space right now with Saturn and Pluto both being in retrograde but while these energies might conflict a bit the next two weeks won’t be as intense as we think they will. Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and how this full moon energy might end up affecting them. You can, of course, change the way you let these things work for you but in the end, if it is meant to be it will be, don’t fight the universe too hard.


You are going to continue on as per usual for the next two weeks but in the end, there will be some changes whether you want them to happen or not. You are going to feel a little more stressed than usual but there is a reason for that. These energies are going to be pushing you to really make a difference.


You are going to be a little more linked with your true self in the weeks to come. You are going to be facing a lot of negativity and that will be something you have to work through if you want to get where you need to be. The problems that are coming towards you will only help you grow.


You are going to be facing a lot of trust issues in the weeks to come. These are things you will have to work through if you want to press further but it shouldn’t be any kind of major setback for you. With that being said, don’t get ahead of yourself take your time.


You are going to be digging deeper into the past for the next couple weeks. The full moon energy is inviting you to really try and work through the mistakes you have made so that you can finally let go of them. You always try to hold onto things like this for too long and now is the time to stop.


You are going to be taken out of your comfort zone in one way or another in the coming weeks. Things will truly never be the same. You really need to be as open-minded as possible to benefit the most from the energies before you.


You are going to be finally getting some of the Karma Saturn has in store for you. This full moon is going to kick things into gear and really have you feeling like things are falling apart. Just remember, this is not going to last forever and the more you work through now the less you will have to work through later.


You aren’t going to be affected very much by this full moon but you’re going to feel a bit nerved out. Things are going to be pretty full of tension. Just don’t forget to breathe, things will be just fine.


You are going to be dealing with a lot of miscommunications even now that Mercury is no longer in retrograde. The weeks to come will be full of conflict and you are going to feel like things could not possibly get worse. Just remember, they can.


You are going to finally be settling down for a little while. You are not feeling so well emotionally and it really shows. Take this time to really put in some self-care. The world is not going to hold you back for long, just relax and see where these energies take you. Let anything that comes to you resolve itself.


The less time you spend stressing out the better. The energy of this full moon is going to make you feel confused and stressed but not too terribly bad. The more you meditate and relax the better things will get. Be aware of the things you are saying don’t say something you don’t mean in the weeks to come it could have a very bad outcome.


Don’t let the full moon intimidate you. It is an overall positive energy regardless of who you are. Make sure that the people around you know how much you care for them. People in your life are going to be feeling very neglected in the weeks to come.


I guess the weeks to come will be working in your favor overall but you are going to notice a financial loss of some kind. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how it happens. Just don’t freak out, everything will be just fine if you trust yourself and don’t waste the energies before you. Use them to manifest something great.