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While you might not realize it, the moon has a lot of control over our beings. The moon itself rules over a lot more than you think and learning more about it will help you understand a lot of things you may have questions about.

When it comes to love and other things of the sort, the moon is one of the most powerful influences over each of us. It is something many people tend to overlook but if you pay more attention to it, you will begin to see things as they are. Depending on what phase of the lunar cycle the moon is in, you could be learning to process your emotions better or even nurturing yourself on a level that is needed.

The New Moon in itself is a time for us all to start new things. This in relation to the world of romance means we should be planting seeds of intention. If you are single you might be trying to find something new and if you’re in a relationship perhaps a spark needs to be ignited. During this time we are always pushed to take things to the next level. You might decide to move in together, get married, or even buy a puppy.

The moon itself goes through quite a few phases and each one provides us with something different. For instance, the Waxing Crescent Moon and The First Quarter Moon both hold their own purposes. The Waxing Crescent Moon, according to Astrology is meant to really speed us up and force us to put forth the work that we need to while the First Quarter Moon is a short period in which we are able to relax and when it comes to romance, sit with our feelings.

Now, most people tend to think that the Full Moon is the most important thing in regards to our romantic lives but that is not true. While the Full Moon will show you that you need to really settle down and help you discover more about yourself and the people around you it won’t solve all of your problems. This moon phase can really go in the direction that you don’t want it to if you get as in your feels as you are supposed to. It is the time at which we really check ourselves and our significant others.

Everything from the Gibbous Moon to the Waning Moon will be working in your favor whether you can see it or not. We are made up of mostly water and as you know the moon affects the waters of the oceans. This should serve as a reminder that it too affects each and every one of us.

Whether you are readjusting, making amends, or fighting like there is no tomorrow, chances are the moon has something to do with it. Sure, we make our own decisions but that doesn’t mean the moon isn’t pushing us in certain directions on occasion. What do you think about all of this?

Image via Pixabay