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As of November 27th, Mercury and Jupiter will be in conjunction within Sagittarius. This will bring forth energies that you might not be expecting.

During this time we will be given a much broader outlook on our lives and a lot of success will make its way towards us. While normally you would be at a loss for words in the months to come you will be really holding your own and standing up for yourself in both life and love. You will be able to really face forward and work on achieving the future you want with the people you want in your life.

While this conjunction is taking place you should spend some time socializing and getting to know the people in your life. Because Jupiter is the planet of luck and Mercury the planet of communication when these two are together the world of love becomes much easier. You will be able to finally say the things you’ve needed to say and really begin to find a sense of hope that you otherwise might have been lacking.

These two planets working together combined with the power of Sagittarius will really throw you through a loop. The Sagittarius is a very open-hearted, generous, and strong-willed sign. This transitioning phase in itself will bring forth good news in regards to our love lives and allow us room to really have some much-needed fun. We will be realizing what relationships are worth it and which ones we should be shying away from as the days pass by.

You will either be growing closer to your partner or becoming very aware of the issues within your relationship. If your partner is a positive one for you and your connection is strong now will be the time in which you both take the time to plan things out and enjoy yourselves. You will no longer be allowing your partner to hold you back, instead of moving backward the two of you will be pushing forward and working together as a team.

You are going to be feeling much more confident in yourself and your emotions from now and until this is all over. Fortune is going to be coming into many areas of your life and you will be much more enthusiastic overall. Because you are currently at a place of less pain and more tolerance things will be much more positive overall.

While we have already experienced our share of chaotic cosmic events this one will be much more peaceful overall. You are well on your way to getting your love life back on track.

(Image Via: Pixabay)