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The ketogenic diet is something many people consider to be controversial. Some are very against it and others claim it is the holy grail of weight loss.

This kind of diet can vary in several ways but basically consists of being formulated to be extremely low carb diets (or no carbs in some cases). This is something that can benefit a lot of people if carried out correctly. The things we eat have drastic effects on our health and in this case, our mental health is one of the things that might see the most change.

Basically these diets lower blood sugar and insulin levels which causes the body to turn to fat as a source of energy. In turn, our bodies go into a fat burning mode known as ketosis, which many people fear could do more harm than good.   That being said, it might be exactly what some people need to help with things like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even anxiety.

There have been quite a few studies in regards one of which is from 2013 and notes the ketogenic diet as helping stabilize the moods of those involved. It actually managed to exceed the results they had gained from just medication. This being something many found shocking but of course, is still in its early stages research-wise.

There have been studies on the ketogenic diet and many different psychiatric disorders to show positive outcomes. One from back in 2009 that was carried out on an overweight schizophrenic woman noted a significant improvement with her symptoms. Reports even mention complete resolution in regards to her hallucinations. While it might sound crazy, it’s pretty amazing that things like this are possible.

Sure, there is no firm evidence that it will work for everyone but as time goes on I am sure more research will be done. It has proven to be quite promising for things like seizures in regards to children with epilepsy and could be beneficial for many in the future. What do you think about all of this? I for one cannot wait to see what research brings.

Studies in regards to things like this are not easy to get right and there are lots of different things to factor in. While it might not sound like much offhand when you really break things down it seems there might be some good actually coming from it. Perhaps low-carb diets are more beneficial than we might think.

Image via Diet Doctor