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On the 26th if this month (November) there will be a new moon. This new moon will be present in Sagittarius and with that bringing forth a lot of change.

As this new moon comes forth we will all be quite confused and most of us feeling pretty out of whack. While you might not realize it just yet, the freedom this new moon offers is quite intense and should be taken in reasonably rather than dove into full force. This new moon might make some of us emotional while it will really close the rest of us off.

Being aware of the things that the celestial world is doing and how those things affect us is very important. While these energies are strong we also can work through them if we are aware of them. Below you will find a list of each sign and what this moon will bring forth for them, what do you have headed your way?


This new moon is going to force you to resolve any issues you’ve been having and come to terms with things that you otherwise would ignore. As its energies begin to work for you, you’re going to be trying hard to avoid conflict and work through the things already in place. Sure, things might seem hectic but once all is said and done you’ll find yourself quite near the top.


This new moon for you is going to be a great time for you to make a new start in life. You’re going to be questioning your old ways and embracing the new ones. Perhaps if you work hard enough you can really end up with a lot of progress under your wings.


This new moon will bring you to a place in your life where you’re ready to finally react to the world around you. You may finally become successful in ways you were not expecting and really come across with a sense of energy that you’ve been lacking in recent times. Perhaps new projects are the way to go.


This new moon for you is going to be difficult but you can make it through all the while. You will be much more impulsive and willing to show your angry side which can and will get you into trouble. Remember to hold back when necessary and think things through above all else.


This new moon is going to bring out the nervous side in you which is something you’re not used to. You’re going to be feeling quite restless and working to understand the people in your life for once. While it might seem like these energies are trying to hold you back, they’re not exactly holding you back at all. They’re helping you grow and the more you see that the more you can benefit overall.


This new moon is going to be quite explosive in your life. You will be noticing a buildup of energies but be unable to really work through their explosion until it happens. You are going to want to show affection to those who matter the most to you during this time but you need to make sure you go about it properly.


This new moon for you is going to be a bit chaotic. Remember that the harder you beat yourself down the less you get done. Stop letting yourself be limited in your own mind. You are capable of so much and trying new things will only highlight that.


This new moon for you is going to be all about pushing the limits. You will be working to try new things and achieve as much as possible while it’s influence is present. Don’t get too caught up in the limelight, everything is not what it seems.


This new moon for you is going to bring forth a sense of comfort you’re not used to experiencing. You’re going to be enjoying yourself for once and really coming to terms with the things you’ve been doing lately. Perhaps you’re where you need to be after all.


This new moon for you is going to make you feel quite irritable and out of place. As someone who likes to keep things in check the energies surrounding you are going to be confusing. You might find that taking a step back works wonders in situations like this.


This new moon is for you going to really highlight your inner voice. You’re going to be listening to your truest self and trying to make changes that will reflect that. In this world, you tend to do a lot of things that serve no true purpose and that has got to stop.


This new moon for you is going to be a real chance to finally relax. The past few months have been intense and you’ve gotten a lot done. Sit back and see where you’ve been from your mind’s eye and really let all the positive sink in. You deserve a little peace of mind after all you’ve faced.