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For those who might not be aware people with something known as OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder can pick up on some pretty mind-blowing things. Depending on the severity of their disorder they can spot differences in things that the average person would never notice.

When it comes to understanding how advanced these people are with this kind of thing, putting yourself in their shoes is the only way to really let things sink in. While that is not necessarily possible if you’re someone who likes for things to be uniform and perfect overall chances are small differences and things out of place bugs you a bit however, you’ve probably never seen things on the same level as someone with OCD.

Now, I know not all OCD people are obsessed with organization or things of the sort but stereotypically this is what most associate with them. To better understand on some levels the things that OCD people are able to pick up on, take the quiz below. While you may think right now that spotting the difference would be easy, I assure you it is not. I personally struggled to get the ones correct that I was able to.

While this test was created for amusement and won’t be enough to diagnose anyone with OCD it should help you to understand that we’re not all the same and that there are people in this world who see things differently. They can pick up on things you can’t and we’re all struggling in our own ways. My eyes after a while just seem incapable of seeing these differences? What score do you think you will end up with?

As noted above this test is not a way of diagnosing OCD or any other mental health issue. If you think you may be struggling with anything of the sort please reach out for proper support and get the help and diagnosis you properly need so that you can get the help you deserve. There is nothing wrong with looking into things if you feel that you need to.