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There is no denying how powerful our childhood is in shaping the person we become. Not only in the most accepted or understood ways but really, almost in every way.

One expert on this is Dr. Gaber Mate who is an expert on trauma, addiction, stress, and childhood development. If you have never heard him speak, you are truly missing out. The first time I ever watched a video narrated by him, I finished the video in tears.

He always hits the nail on the head.

In a very profound podcast episode, Dr. Gabor discusses addiction, childhood trauma, modern parenting practices, and how stress impacts parents and their parenting on a fundamental level.

According to him, everything that takes place in our lives can be traced back to our childhood, even affecting how we parent our children.

I suppose the thing I cherish most about Dr. Gabor is how open-minded and truly compassionate he is. He approaches all talks calmly and says everything in a way in which it’s easy to absorb.

Throughout the episode, Gabor discusses how our childhood plays a role in things like addiction. He also explains that when we endure childhood trauma, it completely changes us from the inside out. According to him, many people who endure trauma early in life pay for it with their mind, body, and spirit.

As someone who has a special interest in topics like these, this podcast was like a breath of fresh air. For the first time in a very long time, I felt validated in my experiences and how they have affected me.

Not only does he offer amazing insights, but he also explains how we can find freedom.

If you have a chance, please check out this podcast episode. You can listen while you clean, workout, or on your way to work. But seriously, if you have been impacted by a problematic childhood, you are going to want to listen to this.