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As you may know on January 31st there will be a Super Blue Blood Moon. This is one interesting astrological event and has us all feeling a bit worked up and fogged out.

I am not going to go into too much detail about what a Super Blue Blood Moon is because I know you have all most likely seen previous posts explaining that, but I will give you an overall rundown on them just in case you have not. A Super Blue Blood moon is a triage of things. It is a Supermoon, Blue moon, and Blood moon.

A Supermoon makes the moon appear brighter and bigger, a Blue moon is the second full moon in a month, and a Blood moon is associated with a lunar eclipse because the moon itself appears to be ‘red’ during that time. Below you will find a list of all of the zodiac signs and how each one will be affected by this interesting and overwhelming Super Blue Blood Moon to come.


You will be finding a sense of balance through the energies of this interesting ‘full moon.’ You will be able to realize things that have needed to be realized for a long time. During this time helping others is something you should focus on. While this may seem like foreign territory to you it is something you will really enjoy.


The energies from this event will have you feeling quite out of place. All you need to do is let things ride out as they are going to. Do not push and do not pull. Let things happen as they will. Your goals will be achieved soon and through this experience, something amazing will come.


This is quite a conflicting time for you. Please be prepared for any and everything. You are going to be betrayed by someone close to you in a way that you might never be able to imagine. While you may not find out about it right now you need to be careful with the things you share with others. Being too open is a bad thing.


This month is going to be a bit crazy for you. That being said I mean crazy in a good way not in a bad way. You will be gaining something you have been wanting through the energies at play. That being said, this is something you did not realize you wanted.


You are going to be losing the spotlight for a little while but it will give you time to figure out who you are on the inside. Do not let this bring you down. Keep your head up and enjoy the small things.


This is going to be a terrible time for Virgos. You are going to be experiencing something quite painful and will have to figure out how to get through it all on your own. Do not be too invested in relationships right now, something may backfire.


You are going to be feeling out of place and frustrated for a good long while to come. Do not let these feeling consume you. You can change things if you try hard enough. Just because you are in a rut doesn’t mean that you can’t pull yourself out.


You are going to be dealing with a lot of heartbreak during the weeks to come. This is going to devastate you to the core but you need to remember there is always light in the dark. Be as present as you can be and live more in the moment.


You need to get your shit together if you want things to work out for you. You can’t keep living life the way that you do. Budget and work towards your goals. Being at a standstill is not going to do you any good. These energies are going to push you to do better.


You are going to be getting some kind of promotion in life. Things will be looking up. That being said you need to keep your emotions in line. Do not let them get mixed up with things they do not be mixed up in.


You are going to be feeling more ‘free’ than ever and with good reason. Something that has been holding you back is going to disappear. You will feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.


You are going to be going through something intense during these times. Do not let this event bother you too much. Try not to make any big decisions and all should be just fine.

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