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While being an empath is a gift, it can still be quite frustrating and damaging at times. Because empaths absorb the emotions of others, sometimes they struggle to let go of feelings that do not belong to them.

If we do not reinforce our boundaries properly, everything we work so hard to distance ourselves from will come barreling in. While it can be hard to keep up with the things you’re feeling as an empath and decipher just how much you’re holding onto that needs to be let go of, you need to be proactive in working towards exactly that. Protecting yourself from the emotions that do not belong to you will not be an easy feat but it is something you as an empath are capable of if you work towards it.

While filtering the things you’re taking in isn’t really a realistic possibility, you can change the way you address things that come forth. Rather than bottling up all that you find within others and hiding it within yourself there are things you can do to address things and move on from them. Sure, not all of these things are going to be easy to accomplish but all of them will work wonders in your life.

As an empath you need to first come to terms with the fact that not everything you’re going through is something ‘you’re actually going through.’ Sometimes we take on the feelings of others as our own to the point where we lose sight of what we’re actually experiencing. Before allowing something to gain power over you ask yourself where it is coming from. Is this feeling stemming from your own inner workings or has it come forth from some kind of outside source? 

If the answer to that is ‘I don’t know’ then you shouldn’t take it as if it is your own. From this point distancing yourself from the person, you believe that feeling came from is important even if just for a little while. From here you need to take the time to meditate and let go of that feeling as a whole. Refuse to allow it power over you and concentrate on bringing light into your body.

While they might sound silly to some when it comes to initially keeping the energies of others away shielding visualizations can work wonders. These are important because they work to block out toxic energies and allow positivity to flow freely within our beings. This is in many ways like white light meditation or healing. Just take a moment to work with your mind’s eye and visualize a light surrounding your being coming from deep within. This light is going to ward off any energies that try to make their way into your field itself. 

Through doing things like setting proper boundaries, expressing your needs, and working to prevent an overload can all help you to distance yourself from the negative energies seeping in all around you. Remember that above all else you have to be willing to take care of yourself because if you don’t you won’t be able to help anyone else. Keep your home free of outside energies and do your best to leave everything just outside the door before coming in.

By reducing your own levels of stress you can also work to reduce the presence of negative energies in your life. Stress creates an environment where negativity can thrive, and we want no part in that. Remember that just because someone says they need your help or need to vent to you does not mean you have to take the time to hear them out. If it is going to be too much, tell them no.

You might be able to feel the emotions of others but you are not responsible for them and keeping that in mind will help keep you strong. Smudging your home can and will help you prevent the negativity you’re bringing with you each day from remaining present in your life. Just as you’re washing these emotions out of your home, you’re also washing them out of your life.

Being able to sit down and think things through is crucial for an empath. In this, they are able to work out what is theirs and what is not. Just because you can feel something doesn’t mean it is your feeling to feel. 

Protecting yourself from the emotions of others as an empath in many ways boils down to merely being true to who you are and knowing when to stop letting people use you for your gift. Sure, it takes time to get the hang of all of this but you are more than capable. For more information on this topic please check out the video below.