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I know, emotionally unavailable people can be quite damaging but they also do some good. They show us how to really hold our own in ways we otherwise might not be able to.

Sure, being in a relationship with someone who refuses to show you what you deserve or having a close family member who won’t open up properly can really hurt but overall, we can learn from their presence on some level. There is a bit of good that can come from this if you’re willing to learn the things present behind it. The more damage we take from these kinds of people, the more we learn how important self-love and overall value is.

Below I am going to go over some of these things and break them down a bit. While these things don’t undo the damage, they do help us understand a lot more moving forward. Have you faced these things?

7 Ways Emotionally Unavailable People Teach You To Love Yourself And Find Your Worth:

1. You process emotions you might not have thought you ever would have to.

The more these people push you the more you process. You realize that not all feelings are mutual and begin to come to terms with that. I know, it sucks but it is important.

2. You begin to see how much you need yourself above all else.

You matter more than you might have thought in the past. If you don’t have your own best interests in mind, who will? Surely not those who seek to take advantage of you.

3. You put more value on those who actually care for you properly.

The more people mistreat you or refuse to show you they care the more importance you will place on those who actually do care. The people who matter the most will be more prominent in your life and clear in their presence. This is a great thing.

4. You learn how important your time really is.

You never really realize how important time is until someone is wasting it. Time is not something we ever get back and definitely something we do not have enough of. Every minute should be spent as you see fit, period.

5. You start understanding that you matter more than you initially thought and that no one is going to have your back like you have your own.

If you aren’t there for yourself, who will be? Above all else, you have to have your own back. Keeping your best interests in mind is a wonderful thing that you can grow within through these kinds of connections.

6. You realize what you don’t want in life and perhaps even in love.

The more people show you this kind of thing the clearer it becomes that you should move on from it. You begin to see what you will put up with and what you won’t. From here your boundaries are only going to grow.

7. You really get to know darker parts of who you are.

We all go through different things in this world in our own ways but oftentimes I find that people really get to know themselves during periods of time spent with the emotionally unavailable. This could be for many reasons but is full of growth. It is like a silver lining, so to speak.