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Emotional abuse sadly is something that tons of people have throughout their lives experienced on some level. Whether it was someone in your family emotionally abusing you or even a friend or lover, this kind of thing can and does take a serious toll on you.

Now, while the term emotional abuse is something that seems to be used a lot, that is because it can come in many different forms and ranges in severity. That having been said, just because your experiences with it are not as severe as someone else’s does not mean your struggles are invalid as a result. Everyone deals with things in their own ways and everyone goes through different things in this world. 

For those who might not quite be aware, emotional abuse as a whole is basically any kind of abuse you endure that is ‘emotional‘ for instance when someone yells rude things at you without taking your emotions into consideration, that is emotional abuse with a verbal attack. Sure, this can be done on a mild level without being abuse but when it is persistent and without remorse, it is abuse, period. 

When someone emotionally abuses another person they do-so in order to gain control over them. Through breaking them down in this manner they are able to get something over on them to the point where they give into whatever it is the abuser wants. While there is no physical attacking going on, it can still be just as damaging and is still just as valid as physical abuse.

When we go through emotional abuse it changes us. It makes it harder for us to work through problems and leaves us feeling as though we’re the ones causing the issues when we are clearly not. Those who are emotionally abused usually tend to end up questioning their own emotions as a result of all the confusion they’re experiencing and it doesn’t do them any good. They as a result of their abuse end up quite lost the longer it persists.

Now, when it comes to coping with emotional abuse making sure you’re out of the situation should be your first goal. Once you’re in a safe place with those who are not bringing you down you need to rely on the people in your life who you consider to be your support group. These people will help you get back to normal. The more you talk about what you’ve gone through and learn from an outside perspective how manipulated you were during that time the more closure you will find. 

For some of the best tips on how to cope with this kind of thing in the aftermath please check out the video below. Have you ever dealt with emotional abuse and if so how did things turn out for you? This kind of thing should not be happening. Please, never tolerate someone in your life who is constantly working to bring you down, you deserve better and there is better out there if you’re willing to take the time to find it.