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Everyone is different, and because of that, we all have a unique and different way that we handle our emotions, feelings, and hardships. With that being said, our zodiac sign influences our personality, so it should come as no surprise that our zodiac sign also can influence how we handle depression.

Depression is difficult for anyone to handle, and while some of us may be able to function relatively normally, others may have a more difficult time. Regardless of how you handle depression, your struggle isn’t any less important than anyone else’s. If anything, knowing how you handle depression can prepare you for when those dark phases come into play.

Here is how each zodiac sign handles depression.


Aries handles their depression with anger. Rather than giving in to their emotions and showing their sadness, they will end up ripping your head off. While it’s not their intention to be mean or rude, if you are someone close to them, you will likely see their rage.


When Taurus is depressed, they are more likely to put their focus on someone else’s pain. Instead of focusing on their pain, they may lay in bed for a day, and then help someone they love to work through a hard time. This is a wonderful thing for them to do, but sometimes, Taurus just needs to focus on self-care. Otherwise, they may get burned out.


Gemini prefers to bury their emotions. They don’t want anyone to see them feeling down, and when they feel down, they push it down deep. In the mind of a Gemini, sadness is a sign of weakness, and they don’t want anyone to see them that way.


Cancer, as a water sign, is pretty good at handling their emotions. However, when intense emotions are presented, Cancer may seem out of sorts. However, Cancer prefers to vent and let their emotions out, rather than holding them in.


Leo wears their emotions on their sleeves, and can often be perceived as a drama queen. When Leo is depressed, they want everyone to know it, and not to forget it. They are most definitely not one to hide their emotions.


Virgo compartmentalizes depression, and when they feel it’s safe to let it out, they will in bursts, and then they will resume life as per the usual. They don’t care to get too hung up on their emotions unless they can and still function as usual.


Libra hates for people to see them as intense, in any direction. They prefer to be viewed as balanced, and in turn, they may bottle their emotions. However, if they bottle them too long, they may come out in other ways. For example, when Libra is depressed, they may bottle it, and then out of nowhere, they will start crying.


Scorpio faces their emotions head-on. They know in life there will be good days and bad, and they don’t hide from their emotions. Instead, they face them, cope, and move through them. They don’t see any other way.


Sagittarius hates feeling upset in any regard. When Sagittarius is depressed, they may try to avoid dealing with their emotions and, instead, soothe themselves until the waters calm down again.


Capricorn can be quite hard on themselves, and in turn, when faced with depression, they will likely tell themselves to just get over it and move on. But, the more they do this, the more likely the depression will stick until they face it and allow themselves a bit of self-care.


Aquarius faces depression head-on. And unfortunately, for Aquarius, depression isn’t just mental, it can take over their entire being and they may find themselves physically ill as well. In turn, Aquarius can feel a myriad of emotions when depressed, cycling from anger to sadness and manic and then back to depressed.


Pisces likes to be nurtured when depressed. Pisces needs to know that they are understood, and until Pisces finds someone who understands them and their pain, they are likely to vent to anyone and everyone that will listen. However, once Pisces can vent to someone who makes them feel validated, they will likely start to move towards healing.