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We’re getting closer and closer to the night of the full moon for August and with that, we’re facing energies as they shift. This whole ordeal is going to mean different things for all of us and well, it might prove to be more than some of us were willing to bargain for.

The energies the Aquarius full moon that is set to happen on the 3rd of August, 2020 will bring are going to be quite unexpected and offer us all more change than some of us might think we are ready for. As we continue into the days before this full moon, things are going to be getting more and more intense. Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should remember as this comes full circle. Sure, it’s going to be full of growth but growth for some of us is a bit painful.


This full moon is going to make you wonder where you need to head from here. I know, you’ve been struggling with a lot lately but figuring things out won’t happen unless you take in all options. Stop forcing doors to close and take the time to pick one that you’d actually like to walk through.


This full moon might not feel like much right now but as it gets closer and closer you’re going to be more and more on edge. You’re going to be seeing the true colors of those closest to you and it might prove to be more than you think you can take. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you during all of this.


This full moon might catch you off guard but it’s not something you’re unable to deal with. You’re going to be seeing things as they are more-so than as you want them to be and it’s going to be quite the shock. As things change, you too may find that you are not quite who you once were and that there is nothing wrong with that.


This full moon is going to have you questioning your most intimate connections. While you like to give more than you should as of late you’ve been doing that in excess. Stop wasting your time on people who refuse to show you they care.


This full moon is going to bring out the worst in you. It’s going to have you feeling as if no one is on your side and almost like things are never going to even back out. Take this time to slow down and see if you’re only working yourself up because you’re not happy with where you are, you might find that the answers you seek are more surprising than you initially expected.


This full moon is going to kick you in gear finally. For a while now you’ve been stuck stagnant in life and things are finally changing. Stop waiting and start doing.


This full moon is going to bring you to a place in life where you’re not quite balanced. Since balance is something you seek big-time that might really throw you off. Keep in mind that sometimes we must go through uncertainties to get where we need to be. This test is not something you are going to be able to get through without putting your best efforts forth.


This full moon will be bringing a lot of emotions to the table with you. You’re going through a lot right now and while it might seem like you’re all alone in this, you’re not. There are people around you who care about you, let them in.


This full moon is going to highlight your intuitive side and push you to break free of the chains that have been holding you back for so long. You’re a free spirit and you need to remember that. Settling down isn’t going to be possible where you are right now.


This full moon is going to bring a lot of negative feelings forth within you and while you’re not good at expressing that you need to work on it. The people around you might think you’re holding back and well, that’s because you are. Others will only put up with this for so long before they jump ship.


This full moon for you is going t bring changes that you’ve been needing. You’re going to see the path before you and the direction you need to head. While it’s a path that might be hard to follow and you might be uncertain, listen to your heart.


This full moon is going to leave you cutting ties with a lot of people. The ones you’ve allowed closest aren’t here for the right reasons and the sooner you see that the better. Things are not always what they seem.