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Our auras affect a lot more than just ourselves. The things that come off of you are going to touch everyone you come in contact with.

Now, for anyone who may not be aware, your aura is basically the energy radiating off of your body from within your being. I guess you could call it a spiritual force field of sorts. We usually cannot see the aura but it is there 24/7. Everyone has one and some people have stronger auras than others.

Some auras are warm and inviting whereas others are cold and negative, this kind of explains in some ways why you might feel like someone is a person you should distance yourself from without even really giving them a chance. Their aura has made an impression on you. Auras also come in a wide range of colors some bright and others not. Each color represents something different and is influenced by a different chakra. You can click here to learn more about aural colors.

Your aura is something you cannot hide no matter how hard you try. If a person is energy sensitive they will know what kind of aura you have and it will be undeniable. Your aura reflects the energy that you are experiencing within during any given moment. If your aura is throwing out negative energy it will affect the people around you. This goes the same for positive, if you’re in a good mood others will pick up on that and it might put them in a good mood as well.

There are no ‘bad’ aura colors but there are some that are more down than others. Lots of things can affect our auras and because of that, we need to be careful. Basically, the things we are going through that can be felt in our aura affect the people around us and the things in their auras affect us as well.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg State Technical University has even gone so far as to develop a scientific device that he based on energy meridians and uses it to measure our bio-energies. This basically highlights abnormalities within our aura and shows him what potential health ‘abnormalities’ we might have. He captures the aura through an optical CCD camera system and from there so much comes forth.

You can learn more about Korotkov’s work in the video below. I guess the point in all of this is that you should be aware of what you are putting out into the world. If you center yourself and work to promote a positive aura you will be able to also do the same in those around you.

Image via Soul Travel Rules