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An honorable person is someone who is honest and right-minded. Someone that the world can look at and know is worthy, while honor means different things to different people most who carry great honor are similar in some ways.

Personally, I see people who are kind as honorable. The world we live in is a hard one and most people cannot be bothered to be kind. While being kind is easy, getting people to be kind is not. Below you will find a list of sighs that you have great honor.

15 Signs You Are A Person of Great Honor:

1. You treat everyone with respect and are respected by most.

You know that we all deserve respect and are not someone who will refuse to give it. If someone treats you with respect you will do the same. This is a wonderful quality to have.

2. You are honest even when it is hard to be.

You do not lie. When there is truth that is not being spoken you come out of the woodwork. Even in situations that are painful, you always speak the truth. You can be trusted much more than the rest of this world.

3. You are kind and friendly to all who come your way.

You are nice to all you encounter unless someone gives you a reason not to be. You meet everyone with a smile, and are more than willing to help if someone needs a hand. You are a truly kind individual.

4. You are patient.

You do not get worked up when something is taking awhile. You know that patience is important and you have plenty of it. Most people are lacking in this area.

5. You are reliable.

Others can rely on you because you are dependable, and never let them down. It is as if letting those who matter down is simply not an option.

6. You are always bettering yourself.

You are always looking for ways to learn something new. You know that in this life we are forever becoming stronger and working towards being the best we can be. You will not stop until you are the best you that you can be.

7. You always get things done.

You are very driven. When something needs to be done you get it done. Working hard is your forte.

8. You do what you say and say what you do.

You do not say you will do something if you aren’t going to do it and you don’t do something different than what you say you will. You are one of those people who lives the way he or she speaks. This is a wonderful way to be.

9. You do not get caught up in drama.

Drama does not follow you anywhere. You take care of your problems and don’t let people misunderstand you. If someone tries to bring drama into your life you show them the door right away.

10. You are willing to stand up for what is right and if need be, fight for it.

You know that in life sometimes we have to fight for what we believe in. You know that standing up for yourself and those who cannot stand up for themselves is the only option. Your values and morals are where they need to be.

11. You are willing to sacrifice everything for those in need.

If someone truly needs you, you will go above and beyond to make sure you get to them. Nothing gets by you. If a loved one is hurt, you are the first to check on them. You would give up everything for those you care about.

12. You treat everyone fairly.

You do not pick favorites and you don’t judge others. Everyone in your life is treated fairly. When you meet new people, their appearance is not what you are looking at. You see others for who they truly are.

13. You are always giving without expecting anything in return.

You know in this world we cannot take anything with us when we die. You give to those in need selflessly. This world needs more people like you.

14. You know your boundaries.

You know what you can and cannot do. This life is too short to waste it chasing something that will never be. Your boundaries are set and you do not cross them. That being said you do go for your dreams, squashing those is not possible.

15. You are loyal to those who matter in your life.

You are loyal on a very intense level. Those who are close to you know that they can trust you in every sense of the word. Any secret you have ever shared with them is safe until the end of time.

See, you don’t have to be a prince or something crazy just to have honor. If you do the things listed above you are someone who holds great honor. You are someone others look up to and you should give yourself more credit for being amazing. There are few things you cannot do.