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While a lot of people think they have it bad right now, they should be counting their blessings. Back when the holocaust was going on people were in much worse conditions for much longer periods of time. 

While you’re sitting at home complaining about not having anything to do, think about all that the people of the holocaust had to endure. One holocaust survivor has recently been speaking out on the topic and her words have been very powerful. You see she had to hide in a well for three years. Yes, three whole years. 

She didn’t get the luxury of bathing every day, eating snacks because she was bored, playing online at all hours of the night, or anything like that. This holocaust survivor’s granddaughter has been posting videos of her speaking online and her message is one that needs to be shared. In one video while not in English Connie asks her grandmother how many years she hid in a well and asks her to tell people to stay at home, and she replies ‘Three years! Without bathing or anything! There is no comparison!’ 

This survivor is taking things seriously and so should all of us. Downplaying the issue at hand and trying to still have our fun is only going to make things worse for everyone. Right now we all need to be staying inside and at home as much as we can so that this virus dies down a bit. We should be happy that we live in a time when staying at home means we get to sit around in our pajamas with our air conditioner going and Netflix playing on the TV. 

This woman has faced much worse than we all are now and she knows the truth of how terrible this world can get. She is in one of her videos calling on the people of the world to do better. She spent her youth suffering from war and now she says we are facing a new war, against this virus. She believes we should be thankful to have food and appreciate that we are not stuck eating nothing but potatoes, when able to eat at all.

I hope that her words can at the very least make you feel a bit better about staying home. While this isn’t ideal for anyone, it is something that has to be done. This lovely little lady is doing her part and so should we.