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We all fall into the habit of worrying too much about things we shouldn’t be worrying about at all. You know what I mean, those things we have zero control over and yet still find on our mind more than anything else?

When it comes to training your brain to worry less you have to really get to the root of why you are worrying at all. If you cannot change it you need to figure out why you are giving it power in the first place. Unnecessary worry causes more problems than it is worth.

Sure, worrying is a part of life but it shouldn’t be something that is overwhelming your mind constantly. If you think you need to work on worrying less the following things will benefit you greatly. Don’t let your mind control you, be the one who controls your mind.

5 Steps to Train Your Brain to Worry Less:

Step 1: Identify your worries and what about them makes you dwell.

Figure out what things are bothering you and why they are bothering you. Is this something you have control over or not? Is this something you can influence at all or not? Ask the necessary questions to figure out where this sense of worry is coming from.

Step 2: Accept these worries and meditate over them.

Accept that in the end, no matter how much you worry about these things you can do nothing to change the outcome that is heading towards you or those involved. Begin meditating and letting go of your stress and worries as best you can every single day. I do this once I get home, I let go of everything before settling in.

This keeps my home as a positive environment. I also like to practice protection meditation when I first wake-up. Do not let negativity cling to you.

Step 3: Find something that takes your mind off of things you are worried about.

We all have hobbies and if you don’t you need one. you need to be able to stay busy when you can’t stop worrying. Find something that makes you feel better whether it is going for a walk, exercising, or even doing puzzles. We all have something that makes us happy, find what that thing is for you.

Step 4: Write all your worries out.

If at this point you are still overly worried about things you cannot control you need to begin writing. Write everything down what it is, how it makes you feel, who it affects and any important details you may want to cover. Once you have gotten everything out tear it up and throw it away or even burn it. Get it out and let it go.

Step 5: Take breaks when you need them, de-stress.

Don’t let yourself become overworked or too stressed. If you need to take a step back for your own wellbeing, do it. Your health and wellbeing are two very important things.

Worrying is something we will all do on some level no matter how hard we try not to but we can train ourselves to worry less. There are tons of different things we can do. Give the things above a go and let us know if they worked for you.