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We all have to deal with blocked sinuses at one point in our lives or another. This is not something anyone enjoys and clearing things up quickly really makes a difference.

I recently came across a video by Dr. Adam that has helped me with this issue tremendously in regards to my problems with blockages in my sinuses. As the colder months approach, I can only assume it will come in handy many times over. You see, Dr. Adam runs a YouTube channel called “Ask Dr. Adam.” On his channel, he answers questions sent in by people who are in need of his assistance.

His sinus-clearing method only takes about a minute and will leave you feeling better almost instantly. It does not require any kind of medication, potion, or things of the sort. All you need is two fingers, yes I said two fingers.

Basically, his method consists of several steps. The first of those is to sit at an angle to where your head and most importantly nose are elevated. From here you turn your head to the side and take two fingers and stroke downward behind your ear on your neck where sternocleidomastoid muscle lies. This muscle runs from where you are rubbing and down into your chest.

This will relax your neck and set you up for the next portion of things. Taking both of your pointer fingers to massage the hard bony part of your nose at the top of your bridge and down to your nostrils. You will want to move in a circular movement as he says this movement will help clear things up.

Once you’ve done this he also goes over how to massage the sides of your nose and just below your brows. While this might sound a bit odd, all of these places are connected to your sinuses and will make a difference when it comes to removing these blockages. Once you’ve got things exactly as they should be he says you will feel things begin to drain.

While it usually only takes a minute, sometimes you might feel like a little extra time is necessary, if you are feeling that way don’t hesitate to give yourself an extra one or two. What do you think? Will you be giving it a try?

Image via The Sleuth Journal

Featured Video Via HM Massage