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As we learn more and more about the novel coronavirus we’re facing right now regulations are chancing and while in the past the CDC did not recommend that we here in the US wore masks, we are now being urged to consider covering our faces when in public. That having been said, face masks are in short supply and should be going to those in the medical world who need them the most which leaves the public to make their own cloth masks.

Homemade face masks have become a very important thing during this pandemic and they’re not as hard to make as you might expect them to be. Sure, you could wear a bandana when out and about but making a few face masks to change through as you move through your week is without a doubt a great idea. You can even make some without having to sew. While the ones sewn by hand or with machines do look a bit better the no-sew masks are still going to help.

These cloth masks are able to help make a big difference but only if we’re all wearing them so if you want to make extras for the rest of the people in your household, go for it. When we are going to the grocery store we should be doing the right thing and keeping our faces covered as best we can. This, if done by everyone, would keep those who are infected but unaware from further spreading the virus freely and keep you from touching your face without realizing it.

Below I am going to go over how to make a no-sew face mask for those who don’t know how to sew or are just overall not very good at it. That being said, while we’re all stuck at home sewing is a great hobby to pick up and not as hard as many might make it out to be or think it is. Giving it a chance might prove to be more fun than you assume.

How To Make No-Sew Face Mask:

Things Needed:

Fabric – tightly woven 100 percent cotton fabric. (bandana, curtains, etc)

Ties/Handles – hairbows, rubber bands, elastic, or even ribbon can be used for this.

‘Filters’ – while you might still be able to find some kinds of filter inserts online if you cannot I would suggest shop towels as that is what I have used when making mine (you can even use normal paper towels overlaid a few times or coffee filters).


Cut your fabric into a medium-size square or simply use the whole bandana itself if you’re going that route and fold it in half. Place your filter in the middle if you’re opting to use one. Now, once you’ve done that fold one side to the middle (longways) and the other to meet that folded side. 

From here place your rubberbands or hairbows on each side of the fabric (one on each side). It should now look something like a piece of candy waiting to be unwrapped. If you do not have hairbows or rubberbands tie together some ribbon but make sure you’re making it longer to make up for the lack of stretch given. 

Once you’ve done this fold the two ends left out towards the middle this leaving the hairbows on the ends. Tuck one side of these folded ends into the other and that should be it. From here you can put your mask on. 

To see a demonstration of this check out the video below it also includes some interesting twists to this as well. While it might not sound like much this could be a very big safety thing for all of us. I for one am wearing my masks whenever I have to go out and you should too. This is not something to be taken lightly.

(Image Credit SS From Asia Jackson YouTube)