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While it might not always seem like it, there are parts of you that you cannot tap into consciously. These parts of you are helping you grow and pointing you in different directions all without you really picking up on it.

If you want to know what your heart desires most and are confused about where to go from where you are, let your inner voice take the lead. I know, that’s easier said than done but this might help you with that in some ways. Basically, to tap into your inner voice you need to let your subconscious make decisions. In order to do that you need to go with the things, your gut is telling you.

For instance, below there are three messages about what your heart’s desires are. Before diving into those pick a number between 1 and 4. That number is the message that is meant for you. Don’t take a long time thinking it through, choose the first number that your inner voice pulls you to and dive into that message.

Heart’s Desire Message – 1

If you were drawn to this message your heart longs to feel at home. You’ve been feeling out of place for so long you don’t remember what it’s like to belong. You want to find someone or something that makes you content but overall that’s been easier said than done. Perhaps you’re in serious need of some soul-searching.

Heart’s Desire Message – 2

If you were drawn to this message your heart wants more than anything else to help the people closest to you. You’re always trying so hard and usually feel like you’re coming up short. Stop beating yourself up, you’re able to do more than you think and the smallest things have made big differences in the lives of those you care the most for.

Heart’s Desire Message – 3

If you were drawn to this message, your heart is in serious need of some repair. You’ve been hurt far too many times and now you’re so closed off feeling anything is hard for you. Right now you really need to work on healing and putting yourself back out there as best you can.

Heart’s Desire Message – 4

If you were drawn to this message you’re the kind of person whose heart is struggling to really slow down. You want to accomplish so much but you feel like you’re always failing. You’re not a failure, you’ve learned from the things you’ve faced and that’s more than what we can say for most other people. Quit selling yourself short.