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While not a lot of people know this, our inner child has a lot to do with the karma we face in life. We are destined to go through things our inner child was unable to face, this happening time and time again until we get it right. 

If you truly want to help change your destiny as a whole and really embrace all that this world has to offer you must work to heal that inner child. This is not an easy feat and it will take time but you can do it. I know, a lot of people will think this is poppycock but if you address your inner child and through using your mind’s eye are able to heal him/her you will grow tremendously within. 

Below I am going to go over some steps that can help you to really come to terms with your inner child and from there help him/her heal. This as noted above will take time but if you believe in yourself and are dedicated, you can do it. Not everything is as set in stone as you might think. Through healing within you are able to clear karma and thus change the path you were facing in this world. 

5 Steps For Healing Your Inner Child:

Step 1: Meditate and allow yourself to truly relax.

Meditate for a bit, really allow your mind to wander as far as it wants. Don’t push anything just relax. You must reach a state of openness before proceeding.

Step 2: Address your inner child and tell him/her who you are.

Finding your inner child is not easy but through some hard work within you will be able to accomplish this. Once you’ve found your inner child address him or her. Make sure they know who you are and why you are before them. They may appear a bit afraid but once you show them your truth, they will accept you. 

Step 3: Comfort your inner child as best you can and really talk through the issues you struggle with the most. 

Now that your mind’s eye has allowed you to be with your inner child, speak to him or her. Talk things out and help him or her to come to terms with the things you’re battling. Remind your inner child that your past lives do not define you and that you must heal from them even if you cannot quite remember them. 

Step 4: Become one with your inner child and grow.

From here you and your inner child need to become one. After your inner child heals reconnecting is possible. Envisions the two of you turning into light and merging as once, from here you come out as you should be and seemingly whole. 

Step 5: Practice mindfulness each and every day. 

Now that this merger has happened you can move forth freely. Sure, you still have responsibilities but you know what is important and what isn’t. You shape the life you live. From here remember to always be mindful.