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While emotional trauma is different for all of us and can be harder on some than you’d expect, it is something we are all capable of overcoming. However, we have to figure out what approach works for us.

Treatment for this kind of thing is not one size fits all, what works for you might not work for me and that is perfectly okay. If you have unresolved emotional trauma the key to resolving it and properly healing yourself is not something you’ll find easily. You must stop abandoning your well-being and work to tune into your truest thoughts before anything else. 

While it might hurt to heal, holding onto that pain hurts far more than the process of healing ever could. Healing isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. Instead of leaving yourself behind you must support yourself and your path to proper healthy functioning when it comes to this kind of thing.

Instead of pushing those painful emotions and perhaps even memories to the back of your mind, you must process them through and not everyone is willing to do that. They in many cases think hiding things and bottling these feelings is the only way to save themselves from the unhappiness that they feel and while they are wrong, convincing them otherwise is extremely hard. You must work within to get through things and this is not something you have to do or should do alone. You should be talking to people who care and working with others to let things out more properly. 

Being more mindful for me is always the first step to healing but for you, you may need more of a push in a different direction. Reaching out for help and talking to be it friends, family, or professionals might be quite beneficial for you. If you’re not willing to heal, you won’t ever heal. The support system around you be it large or small is going to help you through this if you allow it to.

For more information on emotional healing and facing trauma please check out the video below. Things like this are as noted above never easy, but they are doable. You will feel so much better in time, believe me. I know, this might all sound like a lot but you’re capable of so much. 

The more you work towards overcoming the things you’ve experience the more progress you will make. If you take one step forward be prepared for a kickback but don’t let that potential kickback prevent you from doing things, to begin with. You can and will figure out where you need to be, once you’ve healed properly you will feel so much better, hold onto hope for that above all else.