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We all go through ups and downs in life and as we face rough patches or major issues lots of things can affect us and our heart. When you are heartbroken, you have to work through a lot to get back to normal but that ‘normal’ isn’t easy to find when you’ve forgotten what it was, to begin with.

The path to healing is a long one and it takes us down a road that twists and turns big time. As time passes things will begin to look up but that sense of normal is still not going to be easy to uncover. You have to lose yourself entirely in order to really figure things out properly at this point and allow your heart to move on as it should.

Healing a broken heart is different for everyone and what takes you a few months might take someone else a few years, that you should never forget. What is normal to some is not normal to all, we are all unique in our own ways and so this kind of experience is very deep. Sure, at first your path working to heal your heart might not seem that bad, you feel like you’re accomplishing things and you keep trecking on, right?

That’s all fine and dandy until you skip a step and from there everything spirals and you’re stuck really coming to terms with the fact that you just don’t know who you are anymore. Your heart is different, your life is different, your path forth is different. You’ve lost your footing and while it’s perfectly fine to find yourself in this kind of a place, it can be very scary.

We all have our moments where we sit back and wonder what life would have been like if things had worked out with the person who shattered our souls. That in itself is just a part of the healing process, honestly. It means you’re coming to terms with what did happen to you and while you might wish things were different, you’re accepting the truth bit by bit.

You might have stuck around for longer than you should have and it might still feel like that person who hurt you so badly has a bit of a hold on you but overall you’re making progress. Any step forth is a step making more progress than most could ever imagine. For me, the worst part of healing from the things I faced in life was realizing that I was no longer the person I thought I was and that I could not just go back to being that person.

I had changed and that’s something we all do. There is nothing you can really do from there in regard to forcing that normal to come back. Sure, you could fake it but that would only leave you feeling worse in the long-run. When you’re going through it allowing yourself time to heal is the best possible option, above all else.