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We all know the aesthetic quality that plants bring into our world, especially those with blooms, however, Jasmine isn’t just beautiful, it could also hold the key to relieving anxiety, depression and so much more.

While many of us may not have a green thumb, it may be worth it to hone yours in and truly invest your time and effort into maintaining just one of these plants in your bedroom. Not only do they produce oxygen, which has known links to reduce stress, the soothing aroma is also beneficial for improving mood, and your overall mental health.

Researchers have proven and published research regarding this very phenomenon in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

And brain scans have shown that when we inhale jasmine, it shows an effect on the chemical in our brain called GABA on nerve cells. Because of this it soothes us, relieves anxiety and promotes rest. Professor Hanns Hatt said that the results of such research could provide evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy. And because of this, he believes that with further research, we could find aromatherapy being used to alleviate other mental conditions.

If you are unable to actually have a plant in your home for any reason, you could replicate its benefits with essential oil. And if you were looking for an added bonus, it also can help with menstrual cramps, improve confidence and make for a more polished looking skin.